Monday, February 20, 2012

School Mugshots

Can I just say how nice it is to be back in a school where Cory Adams is the photographer for school pics?! I know they are just school pics, but seriously, SO much better (and a LOT less expensive) than what we used to get! 

Look at these cute little mugs.....

What a handsome little man! 

Mallory's little wrinkled nose smile....can't get over it! Love her! 


MyR said...

CUTE!! I love Mal's little corn on the cob teeth! :D Those things have got to start falling out soon.

Courtney Price said...

They are growing up so much! But yet, so much the same too... does that make sense?

Cuties :)

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

MyR - I know right?! She has had those little enamel-less teeth forever. I can't wait to see how different teeth change the way she looks. My friends little girl had the same thing, it is CRAZY to see the difference! I will miss her little teethies! I also LOVED Dawsons little false teeth. They were like little Chiclets! Loved them!

Courtney - I TOTALLY know what you mean! It is exactly what I think when I see your kids pictures! I can't believe how much they are growing up!