Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nothing Like Sun Valley

Well, we had our first snow of the season. I have to be honest. I am dreading Winter. Probably because in the back of my mind I can't help but dread several feet of snow planting itself on our lawn and staying there until sometime in June when the month long rain finally melts it all away from the ground, just in time for July Spring Flowers. 

That was our experience for a lot of years in Idaho. When the first snow flies, it is usually a foot of the stuff and it has no intention of leaving and we have every intention of hunkering down for a LOOOONG 9 month Winter! 

I keep reminding myself that it is different in Utah. I mean, one day it snows. Then it is melted and in the 50s the next day. It's going to be Ok. It's going to be Ok. It's going to be Ok. Summer will be back soon....right?! 

Even if I am not jumping up and down about the snow, there is a little someone that IS, in fact, anxiously, and at times, impatiently awaiting it's arrival. 

At the first sign of the white stuff she was bundling up for a frolic through yard. Snowmen were on her horizon and she couldn't stand the wait any longer. 

See all that snow? 

Yep, it was a flyin. So thick you can hardly see it in either picture. She didn't care! She was running and pleased as punch.....until about 5 minutes later when it had stopped all together and left her again with the burden of leaves on the trees and green on the grass. Poor Kid! 

And where is Jake in all of these recent Mallory pictures.....

Oh, somewhere between school, Tylers', Parkers', Cullans', Scouts, working space missions, nose burried in a Pre-Algebra book name it! The kid is BIZ-ZEE! And thus, we are left to look like a single child family. No worries, Mallory doesn't mind the attention! 

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Just Us said...

Jake is friends with The Cullans? THEEEE Cullans?