Monday, November 7, 2011

MONDAY'S MENU {Cinnamon French Toast Bites}

I've gotta be honest....I don't like bread! Well, almost all bread. I like french bread and similar types, but for the most part...I get the dry heaves! So, the thought of dipping bread into a substance to make is gooey and soggy....oh my! I have to stop!

So, French Toast isn't my thing. But my family loves it and I love them. So I swallowed my gag reflex and made them a little somethin special!


Looks good. Smells good. Didn't try it. Sorry!

Mix your eggs & milk like you would for any French Toast. Add just a bit of vanilla, a pinch of cinnamon & a smidgen of nutmeg, just to give it a little extra yummy.

Cut your bread slices into chunks.

Dip them and then throw them in a hot pan. Turn them over and over until they are done. Now let's move on cause that picture is fah-reaking me out!

Here is the you pull the cooked pieces out of the skillet, transfer them to a bowl of cinnamon and sugar and roll them around. Serve with a little cup of syrup on the side and watch them get devoured....and then, if you are me, scramble up some eggs or something so you can eat!

Yeah, I didn't really sell this one did I? I am hoping that you were sold because you love French Toast and you thought this was a fun way to switch it up! :) Did it work?

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