Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Mally-Girl

I absolutely cannot get enough!

*When I wake her up, no matter how early, she is smiling before her eyes are opened.

*She LOVES to cuddle and give loves & kisses to everyone in the family....including Jake.

*She goes weak with laughter when she hears a farting sound. (Oh my!)

*She collects fans for her fan club where ever she goes, with no effort on her part.

*She wears her lion dress up every minute of everyday, except for school and sleep! Sometimes she puts on fairy wings so she can be a "flyin' lion".

*She gives everything she loves a nickname. Our pet snake, Ricky..."Rickster" usually used in a sentence like, "Awww, I love you little Rickster".

*She is leader, not so much a follower. When all the other kids wear back packs, she puts hers on the front and calls it a "front shield". At this point I would say that about 90% of the kindergartners in her class now have "front shields" like Mallory. She won't stray from this trend. Its been 2 months!

*She signs her name "Mal" on all of her school work.

*She reads like a 3rd grader and always makes me laugh when she reads words like "Redemption", "Destruction" and "Persecution" in the scriptures, without missing a beat! Those are big words for a Kindergartner!

*She likes when I braid her hair when she gets out of the bath so that the next day she can have "Noodle Hair". Anyone with curly hair has "Noodle Hair" in her eyes...and she likes it a lot!

*She squeals with delight when she sees that there is new fruit or veggies in the fridge and when she asks the produce man at the store if they have any "celery" and he tells her yes, she jumps up and down saying, "YES! I LOVE CELERY" and laughs because nothing could make her happier!

*Her second favorite thing in the world is salad. Her first favorite....going to Cafe Rio, or anywhere for that matter, and sharing a salad with me.

*She can't go to sleep without loves and kisses from everyone in the family....at least 4 times each.

*She misses Dawson and talks about him all of the time. She loves him so much!

*I am teaching her piano lessons and she couldn't be more excited! She practices her songs 3 times each, at least 5 times per day and she loves every second of it. Each time she wants to practice she says, "Mom, can I practice my piano?" I say, "Yes". And she jumps up in the air and says, "YES! Hahaha! I LOVE my piano!"

*She loves going to stores and on rides with her Dad more than anything else in the world!

*She knows every word to every Owl City song and sings them all loudly in the car....sometimes with actions!

*She steals my phone and sends voice messages to Ryan, Jake, Kellsy & Jasmine. Sometimes she sings her whole message to them. Almost always they include "I love you" over and over with a few blown kisses!

*She LOVES to do her jobs on her job chart! She never complains about them, in fact she usually cheers. She raked the leaves the other day. We didn't know how far she would get, but when she came in with almost a full garbage bag of leaves and asked what she should do with them, we all had to laugh at her enthusiasm. She is doing her own laundry and getting really good and folding her clothes. Her favorite job is dumping garbage's. I think it is because she gets to do that one with Dad! :)

*She is innocent, sweet, beautiful and her love for people and life is something that is beyond this world. It came with her! She is so vibrant, we can get a good sense for her spirit. She is really quite something amazing!

*Sometimes when I think about how much of a fighter she had to be in the beginning, and when I remember that her life still depends on the shunt in her head continuing to function properly, it is all humbling and reminds me of just how blessed we are to have this little girl in our lives! She makes it a better place! We sure love her!


MyR said...

That just made me even more giddy excited to see you soon!!! Oh how I love that little rascal!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her sooo much!!!!!!!!!!


Brian and Kayla said...

She is adorable! Thanks for the phone call today.

Just Us said...

I love that little girl so dang much. I am laughing that she can read that well. What an amazing little girl. Love her!

Norris Fam said...

I want her to send me a voice message...

Anonymous said...

She sounds simply AAAHHHH-MAZING !!! What a little angel she is ... God is so good !!! Christ alone !!!