Thursday, September 15, 2011


Family Reunions are totally a given during the Summer months! And what could be more fun?! It is fun to get together with family you haven't seen for a while. Hang out with cousins you haven't seen and watch as your kids get to know theirs.

This year, the Lindstrom Reunion featured a resurfacing of something all us Lindstroms hold a special place for in our hearts..........



Too much fun, I say! Enough fun that you are liable to make a F O O L out of yourself and ensure that your closest relatives will go to their graves with images of your wet body crashing down the WAY too slippery stairs, perhaps nearly snuffing out the life of a small child innocently passing by. I mean, how was he to know that at any second the speed of your fall would cause you to shoot over a wall, resulting in the wedging of your head into the crack in the slide, leaving you both paralyzed because of the current position you are in, and because of the fits of laughter that make your entire body too weak to do a darn thing about your predicament! 

Not that I would know what that feels like....and not that anyone would HAPPEN to have that all caught on video & saved on a computer file awaiting an upload....and not that YOU WILL EVER SEE IT!! Or will you? 

Hmmmm....that is the question now, isn't it?!

{The VERY well entertained audience}

You see, along time before the above mentioned Family Reunion, there was this party. "Lindstrom Palooza", I believe is what my Mother in Law lovingly dubbed it. A waterslide was rented for the kids. However, the kids didn't get much use out of the slide, maybe because the adults were having THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES flashing back to our younger years. Yes, it was a GOOD GOOD day, that one!

Let's Start with Jana, shall we.......

If my video should ever rear its gut wrenchingly hilarious and incredibly embarrassing head, you can be certain that there will also be an inclusion of Mrs. Jana Lindstroms rear facing, near neck breaking descent. It was A W E S O M E!!

Now, lets just get this out of the way......Here is ME!
(Of course, I am the one that doesn't bring a swim suit, but can't keep myself from playing in the water, PJs and all! And please bear in mind, this was 40 lbs ago! I'm sure I would be MUCH better looking in sopping wet PJS now...sure of it...or not...let's just pretend, Ok?!)

Oh yes, I came flying down the slide so fast, I would either stick my landing or launch right out the bottom! Good times!

Now for our other partner in crime, JASMINE.......

We all loved Jazz's token scream EVERY TIME she went down! Funny girl!

And then her hubby, Mr. LOGAN LINDSTROM......

Now he was a riot to watch! He and Jared would get quite adventurous with jumping and bouncing down, finding new ways to slide....oh, that was fun!

Speaking of JARED......


Did I mention this was a kids birthday party? I mean, how would you have known? Where are the kids?

Well, here are a few! Grandpa filled the kiddie pool with warm water! These kids did not leave this spot for HOURS! I'm not kidding!

Well, except to slide down once or twice, while the grown ups were taking breaks. Check out the nose plugger! That is awesome!

Now, I will have to think long and hard about posting video. I mean, I want you to still have respect for me, after you have seen the head wedging hilarity. It is bad....I mean, really bad! Oh my! Do I dare?


MyR said...

Oh that video...I've seen it and I LOVE IT! I laugh hysterically at the though of it, even if I'm by my self. Oh how I miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

the video is EPIC.... makes me giggle just thinking about it :)


Just Us said...

I am laughing so hard at you especially! Fun times!