Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Innies, Outies & Half Time Oranges!

This year we made our first real attempt with Mallory and organized sports. We discovered that she has got some serious talent for soccer.

I mean, the girl is a machine! She is known all over the valley for her skills.

In fact, we are pretty sure there is going to be a draft next year, just because of the fight among coaches vying for the opportunity to have our little prodigy on their team!

I mean, there is not a child that can distract and force a loss of focus among team members, in the discovery, discussion and display of "innie" or "outtie" belly buttons, like our Mallory can.

No, when it comes to her social game, no one holds a candle to her abilities.

Did I mention her ability to predict the gender of her coaches unborn child?! Her talent knows no bounds!

She really is quite something!

At the end of this soccer season I am grateful for a few things.

First and foremost: Snow did NOT fly on our first game day of the season. Something we have been accustomed to, as prior residents of the Sun Valley Area. In fact, it was beautiful, sunny and warm the ENTIRE season! Now that is worth celebrating! I don't think I have watched a soccer game without hot chocolate in my gloved hands, hood on, winter coat zipped tight. That kind of makes me want to gag!  

Next: I'm grateful for "action" shots that make it look like Mal did ANYTHING other than run up and down the field, on her own whim, playing by her own rules, chasing friends instead of the ball & inspiring other parents to have the modesty discussion with their shirt-liftin-belly-button-showin soccer stars.

The girl may not have "real" mad soccer skills, but it was sure fun to watch her enjoy the heck out of the game! AND there is not a lot cuter than her little soccer get-up. I am COMPLETELY in love with my girl! No one can fault her for her happiness & passion for life! Not a thing about sports was learned this year, exept for the one that tells you to have fun!

And that, she did!


MyR said...

Giggling...giggling! I think I might actually enjoy a soccer game if I could watch Mallory.

Just Us said...

That was the cutest post. Kids like that make any sports games so much more entertaining. I think adults should follow Mal's lead. I just might watch a football game or two with my hubby if I could see them checking each others belly buttons. I love that girl too. At least she didn't strip down to her bare bones after the game. Love that girl and her cute little bum.