Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hiking, Relaxing & White Pantyhose

One thing I love about being back in Utah....SO much to do. Big things, little things, anything you can think of. Head up the canyon, hang out in a big city, water parks, lakes, parks, pools. It is SO much fun!

A few weekends ago Ryan was plagued by a desire to just "do something relaxing". However, he couldn't think of a single thing that would truly fill his desire. He wanted something, but didn't know exactly what it was, but didn't have a hard time deciding what it wasn't. I mean, I've been there before. I get the mood.

Luckily Jana, my sister in law, came up with a plan, on the fly. Head up the canyon, go to Cascade Springs, find a spot for a picnic, have dinner and relax.


That was EXACTLY what Mr. Lindstrom wanted to do! So, HE packed up dinner for all of us and got everything we needed for the evening.

American Fork Canyon is a BEAUTIFUL canyon and just minutes from our home. Cascade Springs is a fun little place CLEAR up the Canyon, to just walk around and check out all of the pretty plants.....and stinging nettle.

A storm started rolling in. Jana had to hide her camera and I had to snap a pic of it. Turns out, the colors and the sky was AWESOME! How pretty is that?!

It started to rain a bit.

Then it stopped and I acted like a spaz....cause that is just how I roll! :)

But he still loves fact, I think secretly he loves me because I am a spaz, but don't tell him I know! ;)
Man, I like that A LOT!

After Cascade Springs we found a SWEET little spot for a fire and place for the kids to play.
Then Jared put on his white tights and started looking for firewood......Oh wait! Those aren't tights! THOSE ARE HIS LEGS! IN AUGUST! Perhaps the boy needs more sunlight! Actually, Ryan & Jared suffer from the same ailment. They seem to get WHITER in the sun! It's an awesome trick! Especially when you have legs like Jareds! WOWZA!

The boys {Tyler & Jake} had a blast shooting their BB Guns & Arrows at targets.

Mallory and her partner in crime, Brady, played with their toys in the dirt. My girl LOVES the dirt!

We are totally going to have to remember this place and come back next year! It was PERFECT! SUCH a fun day!


Gear Gang said...

Lol!. Ryan you will be happy to know your tights are not near as white as Jareds :)

I want to go next time, K?

MyR said...

I think I might giggle every time I read your blog for the next couple months because I'm SO EXCITED to see you.