Monday, December 20, 2010

The Journey Begins

Yes, I am re-posting all of our trip. It was all posted last week on YLU. For those of you that missed it, enjoy! I wanted to make sure that this got on our family know, for that blog book that I will get done someday! :)

Every year the Lindstrom family plans a big family vacation. This year we decided to go on an adult (and baby Calvin) only cruise! We planned this nearly a year in advance to give us plenty of time to save up and pay for the cruise. The wait was killing me! Ry and I have never been on a cruise and with this last year being as hard and stressful as it was, we were certainly ready!

On Thanksgiving night we turned our kids over to my sister Lisa. I don't think there is any way possible to thank her enough for this great service! She would have my kids for 12 nights! TWELVE! Oh she is a saint!

Friday morning at 4:45 am Jared, Jana & Calvin and Ry and I headed to the airport to begin our pre-vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Yes, I just heard angels singing! Why don't I live in this climate?! We must rethink this!

This was the view from our hotel room.

With our own little strip of private beach to chill on and an ocean to try out our new snorkeling gear, which my hubby spoiled me with. He knows I believe I was meant to be born into the ocean, so the idea of being able to breathe under water.....HEAVEN!

We found that by flying out on a Friday, instead of Saturday, we saved nearly $500 per person on our plan tickets! WELL WORTH IT! Then we found this awesome hotel called the Captains Quarters. It was rated really high online and we were not disappointed.

I was a little thrown off by the tile floor...that was until I noticed how much sand you track into your room after a day on the beach. That bed was the most comfy thing I have ever slept on!

We walked down this beach to the pier where we ate at a little restraunt on the beach on the first night. We spent the entire day on Saturday unwinding and totally relaxing. It was PERFECT!

Ry had been especially stressed with work for the last several months, so a little unwinding time did him good!

At some point this day he turned into "Vacation Ryan". It was a blast!

And then we decided we should move to the Eastcoast and live happily ever after!

Calvin is 7 months old. A little young to be left home for so long. So he came along and WE LOVED IT!

He is such a good baby! He was really so much fun! AND CUTE!

So, at one point there were a few birds a little way from where we were. I threw them a chip.....

So I made it interesting by placing chips on Ryan's body and trying to get them to land on him. I thought it was hilarious! :)

Jared spent the afternoon working on his sculpting skills.

He is pretty good! AND FUNNY!

I love Jared! I think it is mandatory for me to have him on every vacation I ever go on!

Some kids stopped and asked Jared if he was a professional, others would laugh as they walked past and a few older women would glance and then quickly look away. They did not want to be caught looking! :)

Tomorrow the cruise begins. Plenty of pictures! I can't wait to share it all with you.

When the trip is over....big BIG B.I.G. things will happen. You just wait!

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Ben and Kelli said...

That looks SO fun! And Calvin is so cute, I've never seen him, but he looks just like their other kids.