Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Little Slice of Heaven....Baker's Lake

This place was total heaven! Completely surrounded by trees, right on the edge of the river...BEAUTIFUL!
The only real problem with it was that we were about 15 min. outside of Ketchum and cell service, but other than that....easily our favorite place!

Mallory's favorite part.......

Dad set up his 6 man tent and we turned it into Mallory's haven. Full of her toys. Her very own space. SHE LOVED IT!

Ryan's favorite spot, because this is how he could spend his time after work.

20 steps from the trailer, the Big Wood River. Perfect for Fly Fishing!

Look at the size of that fish!! Ryan was trying to impress me with his fishing skills and pulled this baby...literally, out of the river. Nice job babe! :) Hahahaha!

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Lombardo Family said...

Ryan, you have the longest toes in america!