Thursday, October 14, 2010


We spent A LOT of time at Hayspur this summer! That was until walking around with your eyes or your mouth open involved the threat of a gazillion mosquitoes invading your body! Early summer...GREAT! Mid Summer....NOT SO MUCH!
This place was BEAUTIFUL!

Mallory saved up her money and took it down to the Picabo General Store and bought a bug catcher! She LOVES that thing!

Ryan loved that there were a few places he could go to ride.
One of the biggest highlights about this place is that it is also a fish hatchery! We walked to see the fish a whole bunch of times and spent quite a bit of time at Gaviers Pond teaching Mally how to cast with her Barbie Fishing Rod. She really has quite a knack for casting!  

Did I mention this place was BEAUTIFUL?! The nights here were crazy! Ryan caught these two pics! NICE!

We will certainly find our way back to Hayspur next year....

Oh did I mention we want to do this again next Summer??

Yeah, we are pretty much INSANE! :)


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...


Lindsey said...

Did you buy that trailer just because it has an awesome name? ZINGER! I love it! :)

Such gorgeous pics. I'm pretty sure that the one of the kids with their feet in the water is the exact place that Laura Ingalls fished at. It looks so "Little House" to me. And the pink sky is amazing!


Brian and Kayla said...

Hayspur? Does anyone else think "hairspray" when they read that? Only "hayspur" is the hick version.

Nice pics. You must have such fun times together! I love Mallory's smile. Have I ever mentioned that? It truly uplifts. What a cutie.