Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This year our school district decided it would be best if our kids started school AFTER Labor Day. You have to milk every last bit of nice weather out of this valley and I guess they figured this was the best way to do it!


What do all the IRRESPONSIBLE  Super Fun parents do the night before school starts?!


These kids could not get enough of all the fun animals! The goats were certainly a favorite! The huge brown horse....well, he was kicking the fence, mad and wanted out...or to bite a chunk out of anyone brave enough to go near. We weren't. Our persons are still intact!

After a little fun at the booths, a little dinner and a NOT AT ALL LITTLE funnel cake, we ventured to the stadium for the highlight of the night!


If you have not been to one of these for a while...or ever. YOU MUST FIND ONE AND GO! Our kids were TOTALLY loving it! It was so much fun!

The car above is the John Deere car. Absolutely our fave!

By the end of the night he had driven up on another cars hood, had his trunk sitting vertical against his back window and.....

Rammed this car until it caught on fire! Flames were shooting out around the tires! It was the most redneck fun anyone ever should be allowed to have! :)

Then he got this trophy. Then I thanked Ryan for not entering such sports, because I would have NO CLUE where to put a trophy taller than my hubby! Then they gave him $1500 and I decided I would figure out something and asked for the sign ups! ;)

A few of my VERY favorite facial expressions! That bottom right KILLS me!

Bedtime, you say.....

Bedtime shmedshmime!

There were chocolate covered strawberries to be had (Mal called them Chocolate Corn Dogs), Games to be played and.....

Prizes to be won!!

Such a fun night! Even with a late night and an hour and a half drive home it was TOTALLY worth it! We let the excitement of the first day of school carry them through the consequences of a late night on a school night, which it did perfectly, then the next night. 7pm bedtime again!

I love 7pm bedtime! I have told you that lately?! 


Alea said...

I sadly missed out on the funnel cake this year. It is my favorite part of the fair! Tater pigs come in a close second though.

Lombardo Family said...

What a blast! The Lindstroms know how to have some serious fun!

The Johnson Family said...

Hilarious! What fantastically fun parents you are!!! :) Can I be your child? Those pictures are worth a million bucks and girl, I live out in the country so you know we know redneck!

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Fairs rule :)