Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making His Mark

We haven’t picked out a headstone yet. We couldn’t decide if we wanted a three-placer type for Ryan, Me & Dawson, or if we wanted him to have his very own.

In the meantime we decided to dress it up and personalize it a bit with a few laminated scrapbook pages with special notes from each of us on them.

Of course I couldn't have done any of it without the sweetness of my Sis-In-Law Lacy. She rigged the set up and finished it up for us, gathered it all back up for the lawn mowing and then put it all back for us. She is a sweetheart! I kinda love her a lot!

So does Dawson! She, I am sure, would do anything for him!

And us, actually. What would we do without her?!

It is something beyond description to have your child burried far from where you are. Yes, we know that he is not there, but sometimes...HE IS! We can feel him there. It is where his sweet and sacred body, the body my body created, lies. Safely. Waiting for our great reunion.

My Brother-In-Law, Jared, emailed me one day during the winter to let me know that he went by Dawsons gravesite, when there was still snow on the ground. He wanted to let me know that there was a path cleared to Dawson's grave and fresh flowers there. People that love D & us had been there to visit.

It made my heart nearly burst with gratitude!

(If you would like to see any pictures a little bigger, click on them to enlarge.)


Gear Gang said...

What a great idea!!

I am missing him so much.

Tammra said...

Me too!! I miss him. I have been thinking about him so much lately. Such precious memories!! Today I was thinking about the little kisses he used to give me. My heart is full. I think quite a few people stop by his grave every day. His influence is so far-reaching!

Love you,