Friday, August 20, 2010

Famous Look-A-Likes

My Mom sent an email the other day about my brother looking like Elvis. That kinda set us all off. So, while in pain and unable to actually speak to anyone, I thought I would make some fun of it. Now you get to see the sort of's and uncanny look alikes in some of our family:

Now my Dad, George, has always resembled (to me anyway), a bit of Kurt Russell. Different face shape, but a lot of similarities. So you take that and mix it with this.....

This is the only picture of when my Mom was younger that I could find. I am telling you Janet Jackson in her "Again" video is my Mom! It is crazy!

The combination makes something like this.....

Tom Cruise & My Brother Clint.
Weird right?!

Drew Barrymore (Particularly in The Wedding Singer) and Me.


Angie Harmon & Lisa
(I'm kinda feelin jyped. No hard feelings Drew, it's just Angie & Tom....)

I have tried to think of matches for Kyle & Shalise (from my Dad & Anita's Marriage), but I can't come up with any. If I do, I will let you know.

Now lets move on to the lucky second batch from my Mom. First Picture what the genetics of a near Janet Jackson and let's marry her to, let's say.......

Kevin Costner...AKA my other Dad.
Now this isn't the best angle to prove the Kevin Kostner point, but if you know him, you know I speak the truth! They look A LOT alike.

Let's see what they can come up with:


Elvis Presley & Tyrel
Believe me on this one. Their profile and MANY of the young Elvis pictures are so Tyrel they are spooky. As it is, I couldn't find the best pouty lipped Tyrel pic, so just use your imagination with me on this one!


Angelina Jolie & a much more virtuous (and apparently kissable) Kayla.
Yeah, how lucky can you get! Geez Kayla!


Amanda Seyfried & Rachel,

Anna Sophia Robb & Rachel,


Dakota Fanning & Rachel
What can she say?! She has got people lining up to look just like her! Cute girl, isn't she?! Yes, we do kinda love this Rachey of ours!


And then there is Parker!

What can we say, he is a one of a kind! Only time will tell who this one will look like. He thinks Christian Bale...we shall see.

SHEESH MOM! You are the common denominator! Nice genetics! :)

So, now that we are fully into this little game, I want to know who you think you look like, or your spouse, children, friend, friends neighbors dogs cousins aunts sister...whatev! Just play along.

And to send you out on a goodie.....

This is Beaker (MEEP) from the Muppets. Apparently my Bro In Law (the one married to Angelina Jolie) has been told that he looks like this guy! Hahaha! That is so Brian! :) Love ya Bri!

Now, bring them on!


Brian and Kayla said...

Man is that Meepers one sexy dude! -brian

Just Us said...

So people have told Sam that she looks like all the girls that your sister Rachel looks like, plus Christina Ricci. So I wonder if Sam and Rachel would look similar side by side.
Nice mom genes or mom jeans as my airheaded aunt would say.

Brian and Kayla said...

That was a good laugh. Sorry to hear about your tonsils! I hope it pays off in the end!

Alea said...

That is awesome! Wow... Tyrel is like Elvis' re-incarnation or something. He looks just like him! And now that you mention Angelina and Kayla it is so true! I did a look-alike post too...

Regan said...

I love look alikes!! Cute post. :)