Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you know what yours looks like?!

We are LOVING outside time this Summer! It is so beautiful!

So is this!

She LOVES her Daddy!

Jake loved that this tree grew into a perfect seat for him to sit on.

This little stinker can't get enough of being outside. She LOVES hiking!

What a crack up!
Jake said, "Mom, will you take a picture of the back of my head for me?"

"Sure!" I say, "Why?"

"Because I have never seen it and I want to know what it looks like."

Hahaha! What a turkey!
He thought it was pretty funny to see it.

Um....found my new desktop picture! Yep....I kinda like him....Kinda A LOT!


The Johnson Family said...

Oooh I am always glad to see someone besides me gushing over their hubby!!! I LOVE to love my Mattie and I LOVE that you love your dude so much too :)

Your kiddos are just adorable. May I also make a request that Jake and my Ellery meet someday when they are older and just happen to fall in love. That is not asking too much is it? Because he seems like the sweetest kid EVER!

Amy Lindstrom ~ said...

Oh YES Dev! We must at least arrange a meeting! :) I am not above arranged marriage! :) Hahaha!