Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Something to Keep Jakers Happy

Hunter, Jake & Drew

Jake loves having his friends over! Playing the Wii, riding bikes (naming the jumps they go off), and chasing squirrels...
Ah, the life of a boy!

One of the benefits of living in the trailer and living in the Sun Valley area is that we already live in the mountains. Not just the mountains, but a major tourist area! A place where people come from all over to camp! This means LOTS of very accessible places and close to work, school, church and friends! PERFECT!

Ms. Mally spends almost everyday of her summer running from Adaptive Sports camp (all day Tues & Thurs), horseback riding lessons (tues after camp), "therby" (therapy Mon & Wed). So there is a lot of down time for Jake. We love to grab a friend or two, whenever we can, and steal them for the day! So much fun for him!

Mal finishes with sports camp in Aug. I think we are going to pull her out of everything else and enjoy a completely schedule-less month before the craziness of school begins again!

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