Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Hunt For the Perfect Willow Tree

I LOVE Willow Tree Figurines! LOVE THEM! There is just something about them that speak to my soul! Especially these.....

Dawson was in the hospital when I walked into a local Deseret Book for a little break and saw this one.
When I saw it, I gasped and immediately tears started pouring. Totally an involuntary reaction! Anyone that has seen me hold Dawson and knows of D's favorite spot in the whole world, knows exactly why I would have such a reaction.

This is Dawson! In one little statue there is a LOT of heart, meaning and memory for me. That is why I love it!

On a trip with some friends I stumbled upon this one. TOTALLY JAKE! Everything about it! Especially the heart of gold! The way this one stands, everything. All Jake! It makes me smile. It makes my heart smile!

Now I am on a search for a little Mallory one. One that makes me feel that I HAVE to have it! Any suggestions?


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

I had the first tear reaction when I saw these many years ago... they are very sweet! I haven't quite found ones that would fit my brood though :)

The Nelson's said...

Have you checked out the Willow Tree website? I like one of the Angels, called Angel Love. I also like the Blessings, Keepsake and Joyful Child ones. But then, I love these statues.

The Nelson's said...

Here's a link to the website: http://willowtree.info/

Tammra said...

There are three little girl ones that are called Joyful Child, Spirited Child and Thoughtful Child. I like them all. The thing I like best is that they all have the phrase "nurtured by your loving care" on the little card that comes with them. I truly think that Mallory is who she is because of the loving care and attention you've given her and continue to give to her every day.

I must admit that the very first one I thought of when I read your blog is one that I have called Happiness: Free to Sing, Laugh, Dance....Create! It is of a girl with bluebirds on her arms. Mallory is alway so happy. I think that's why I thought of this one first.

I also love the brother and sister one where they are sitting on a rock together. It reminds me of Jake and Mallory.

There is also one of a girl holding a flower that it called Remember: always I will remember.

I love Willow Tree too! I thought of you immediately when I seen the top one you posted. I wanted to get it for you but then when we came to visit I noticed you already had it. I have something else in mind though.....

Love you,

Amy Lindstrom ~ YourLifeUncommon.com said...

Thanks you guys!

I looked at the website. I love all the suggestions Mom. There are a few that I look at and think, "yeah that could work". Then I stumbled upon a new one. It is called the "angel of love". I don't even know what it is about that one, but it jumped out to me and made me smile. That would be the reaction I needed. I am going to have to find her and buy her!

Thanks for the help guys! :)