Friday, March 19, 2010

An Absolute Highlight!


So much so that I think it would be a let down to go all the way to Disneyland again without swinging by Sea World too! We had so much fun! The kids loved the animals, the rides were fun, the Shamu show was AMAZING and a life long dream of mine was finally fulfilled!

How is that for a lucky shot?! YES we were most definately in the "SPLASH ZONE"! We were going for the full experience here. Granted we were decked in poncho's but hey.....we left the show with smiles on our faces and dry pants!

I think throughout this show I was so amazed by the love on the trainers faces. They LOVE what they do. They LOVE these animals, and they are loved back by them. It is really quite an amazing thing to see. It totally reminded me why I once wanted to be a Marine Biologist!

This picture cracks me up! Mal LOVED the Baluga Whale. It kept swimming by and rubbing up against the glass where she stood. I had to grab my cell phone and take a pic!

The dolphins, or DOL-A-PHINS as Mal would say, were certainly a favorite! We all loved feeding them and petting them!

In fact, remember when I mentioned that thing about life long dream......
Well, I am a simple woman. I don't ask much. Just a life long dream of petting one of these babies fulfilled! And it was! I LOVED IT! It made my heart happy!

Mal's favorite part.....
Riding the Elmo's Flying Fish. She LOVED this! The best part is there was hardly anyone there! Really, everything was walk on, it was perfect! Dad was all good with hitting this ride over and over with Mal.

Jake liked it too, but don't tell anyone, he is trying to look to cool for this "kiddie" ride! Oh you're lookin cool buddy! I don't know if it's the sucked in cheeks or the Elmo in a Knight suit...but you have got cool down!


Norris Fam said...

I agree with you...Sea World is a truly amazing place.

Just wondering, now that you've checked 'feed dolphins' off your list...what's next???

Amy Lindstrom said...

My next item of business would be to see John Mayer in concert and spend more time with Carrie Norris! it is, it looks like both will be taken care of next week!!

HEHEHEHE I am SO excited!!