Thursday, February 11, 2010

YLU's NEWEST ADDITION....My Friend & Fitness Coach CAROL WHITAKER.....

Over a year ago my friend Jess did a photo shoot for Carol. That's how I met Carol. I saw her blog link on Jess's blog and went to it. I asked her for some fitness advice and we had an immediate friendship!

She and I have talked on the phone a lot over the last week. She is amazing! She is one of those people that constantly makes me want to live better. Not just physically, although any of her pictures as a Fitness Model or on her blog are enough to send my hiney running for the treadmill, she also inspires me to look deeper at myself and those around me. She is a very spiritual being. I love that about her. Every thing in her life from a phone call from a friend to a message that comes on the radio and touches her heart, is a gift to hear from the Lord. She teaches gratitude by completely living in it!

So, Carol and I have talked a lot this last week about our paths crossing. Feelings we have about that and what we are meant to accomplish. We feel there is a purpose in it all. I look forward to whatever and wherever this feeling leads us! I am sure there is much I will learn from this amazing woman!

One thing is the core of both of us there is a drive to help other Women realize how vitally important we are to the Lord! How much He loves us and, as His Children, how capable we are of accomplishing anything! Choosing to be happy....cause it is a choice, ya know!

To start with Carol has agreed to become the YourLifeUncommon (my other website) Fitness coach! Oh you just wait! The difference with Carol is that she has an amazing ability to teach you to love yourself enough to WANT to take better care of your health, so you CAN be the best person you want to be.

She will be posting each Monday! Each week there will be a plan to focus on throughout the week. Simple steps. Focus on that step, don't worry about anything else and then the next week add the next step in! EASY! And SO life changing! You should check out the first post she did. I put it up tonight and it will stay there, likely until Monday. You are going to love this!


Then go spread the word to your friends and family! What a great resource for us to share!

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Gear Gang said...

Okay, I am super excited. I need to know how to get mega amounts of energy. I am seriously lacking in that area.