Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rolling-ish and the Bond of Brothers

This first one cracks me up. Look at those chubby little legs and cheeks! He is so darn cute! I remember how excited he was I...that he was rolling-ish!

Now this one is about 5 min. Here is the funny thing about this one. Yes, Dawson was loving the slinky, but today when I watched this one I was struck by the fact that Dawson was completely laughing the whole time at Jake. These two boys share, still share, the deepest bond! Dawson's vision was about 20/21, not great at all. I think this made his hearing a bit more sensitive. Watch him listen for Jake. Jake could make any sound in the world and Dawson would lose it. I remember times when I would try to put Dawson to bed. I would say goodnight and then Jake would say, "BUBBA" and it was over! Dawson was excitedly looking around for his big brother. Many nights I would come in to check on the boys and Jake would be laying next to D on his bed, reading a book or just making him laugh!

It is no wonder that after Dawson passed away he made special effort to make sure that Jake was comforted. Jake knows he is around all the time. That is quite an amazing thing for a near 10 year old to KNOW!


Brian and Kayla said...

I watched them all and I just love it! Your children are so beautiful and so special. I'm one proud aunt! Dawson is so fun to watch.

Oliphant Family said...

What a Ham, he thought it was so funny! What a crack up!

Norris Fam said...

Wow...I don't remember his legs ever being that chubby. Just makes you realize how skinny he got. I can't get enough of that kicking!

Collette said...

Oh the Joy!!! Such a lovely thing to see and share the memories with you