Friday, August 21, 2009

{FRIDAY'S FINDS} I Can't Get Enough!

I have been listening to PANDORA while I have been working for Ry and also working on all of this blog stuff I have stewing in my mind.

Have you checked out PANDORA yet? Oh you should! You should, you should, you should! Just click on anyone of the PANDORA links found throughout this post.

I can't even tell you how many new faves I have because of PANDORA!

Jack Johnson
John Mayer
Holly Brook
Deb Talan
The Waifs
Missy Higgins....OH Missy Higgins! WOW!

All of these came from my current favorite Radio Station I created....The SARA BAREILLES station!

See, you just enter a favorite song or a favorite artist and PANDORA selects a group of artists or songs that are similar. You choose if you like or don't like songs as they go, if you want, and they will play the types or the songs you like more often. Oh and it's FREE!

You TOTALLY should try it! While you are at it, hang out on the Sara Bareilles station for a bit! I LOVE IT! I also LOVE the Ani Difranco station. The Hilary Weeks Station is great on Sunday afternoons.

Now go make your own and report back! I wanna know your faves!

Oh, and the one song that I could put on repeat a hundred times over....."Slow Dancing in a Burnin Room" by John Mayer! OH LAWSY I love that one! Probably because it is TOTALLY the guitar style my hubby plays and I LOVE when he plays! Ry, you MUST learn this one for me!

So, check this video out! If nothing else, enjoy John Mayers "LIKE BUTTER" voice! LOVE IT!

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Norris Fam said...

Thank you for this post! All of the sudden I'm finding this office very quiet with Sydney not sitting right next to me. She always had on some netflix movie or some TV show off There was always plenty of noise...until she left me :( Now it's really quiet and I thought in the back of my mind,"what was that website Amy blogged about?" Now I'm happily listening to music while I sit here at the office doing my work. Bless you Amy!!!!