Monday, July 20, 2009

{MONDAY'S MENU} Because you need one!

This recipe comes from me madre'. While crusin through our family cookbook I stumbled upon this little genius idea. In our household we love GRAPE so this was an easy sale. Here is the skinny.......


Soften your favorite vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt. Stir in thawed grape juice concentrate. You want enough to make a difference, but not too much. Taste it as you go and stop when you have it right. Re-Freeze. I served ours in these cute little waffle bowls with a couple of blackberries and a mint leaf, because I have NO IDEA what else I should do with the hundreds of thousands that populate my front garden bed right now! Any ideas?

A couple more ideas for your vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt.....

Mix a 15 oz. can of Lemon Pie filling with 3 cups softened ice cream. Spoon into cupcake liner cups and refreeze for a quick already perfect portion sweet treat!


Cut a perfectly ripe cantaloupe in half the short way, spoon out the seeds, fill the center with vanilla ice cream (about 1/2 c.) and enjoy! This one comes from my Great Grandma Fenton. My Mom told me she used to make this for her all the time. Tried it....LOVED IT!

Now, once you have tried these, the possibilities are endless! Mix it up with any pie filling flavor, or any juice concentrate. Play with it! Have fun! The PERFECT treat for big get togethers, FHE treats, cooling off treat, or just because you wanna treat!

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Richins Family said...

Yum all of those sound so good! the canalope idea is something my dad always does! also my mom always used to maked lemonade and put the mint leaves in the pitcher and it was SOO good! Thanks for the good ideas! i will for sure try them :)

Rideout Family said...

I want a purple cow right now!