Friday, July 24, 2009


We have all been a little excited lately about the re-institution of Stake softball! Co-ed for much fun is that?!

It is fun to show up and cheer for our ward.....which has been stomping everyone else. We have some serious power hitters on our team!

Oh, here is one now......

Oh yeah! That's my man! Show em' a thing or two babe!
So I have to say here that I LOVE being outside! The scenery is amazing here! I mean I LOVE the ocean, REALLY love it, but these moutains....Oh man! The weather is perfect here right now! I think today we spent most of the day at about 85! Beautiful!
Alright, back to the game....

Can you see the ball?! Not to bad a catch for my dinosaur of a camera!

PHEW! What a hit!


I love baseball! It was a blast to cheer the team on....right up until Mal pooped down both legs, which would be the time that I gave up for the evening and headed home. It was fun to sit in front of two older ladies from the Sun Valley ward, that came to cheer on their team, and listen to them critique the way people were swinging, "See how she is scooping down like that. She'll never hit it until she corrects that!" They were so cute! SO into it! I love this!
We are thinking we need to push for a womens volleyball league too! Who knows?! That would be so much fun!


Kristin and Jay said...

At first I thought, when did Mallory poop? THEN I figured out that was from LAST week =). How come you didn't mention Ryan's sweet outfit? I think I am going to sneak in some tennis shoes under the tree this year, the man NEEDS some TENNIS SHOES!!!!

MyR said...

I wish I could play! I'm going to BE one of those old ladies critiquing everyone someday you know...sheesh...who am I kidding? I'm already one of those ladies, I just don't consider myself old yet!

I'm TOTALLY in for volleyball (in a couple months that is). That would be SO FUN!!!

And I have to agree with Kristin. Ryan NEEDS some tennis shoes!!! :D

Lindsey said...

When do you guys play Demi and Ashton's ward? (heh heh) Now THAT would be a game!