Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On Saturday Ry & I threw together a short notice BBQ. We are so glad we did! We had such a fun night! We all had such a great time just talking, enjoying the perfect weather & watching the kids play in the water!
Oh....I meant, kids & Jared! :) So dang funny! I look outside to see Jared strapping on goggles & flippers and then in he went! He is pretty tall, so watching his feet flipping around above the water was cracking me up! He also broke new ground when he started THROWING the kids off the waterfall. THEY LOVED IT!

Oh, did I mention Jared is our dentist?! Yep! Hard to take him serious from here on out! :)

Jared & Maren brought this big ole beast! The kids had a blast on it! I am not kidding when I tell you that we drug the kids out of the water at about 10 pm! CRAZY! They were having so much fun!

This is Tyann Wallentine and Mallory. Mal spent HOURS in the hot tub! She was in heaven! At one point there were like 6 or so kids in the hot tub WITH water noodles and tubes.....SO CROWDED! They were loving it!

Cameron Wallentine & Noah Hill hangin with Mal in the tub.

I love that Maryon (whom I stole these pics from because my camera bought the farm) called this the "Man Chat"! We did laugh that they all stood around the grill and chatted.

The men retired to the horseshoe pits among all the sage brush while us ladies hung out below and watched. At the end of the night Ryan told me that he was glad I was social. I asked him why. He said, "Because we wouldn't have any friends or do anything fun." HAHAHA! I will remind you of this Mr. Lindstrom! Right after I plan the next big party! :)
The food was fabulous, the stories were priceless (and disturbing JARED), I laughed all night! SUCCESS! What good friends we have! No worries, I will get on planning the next!
Wondering where Jake is in all of this? Well, he is in Utah staying with his cousin Tyler for a week! Thanks Jared & Jana for having him over! I am sure he is having the time of his life! We are headed to Utah on Saturday to get him....well, at least for Ryan to get him and take him backpacking for a week! FUN! I am missing that little stink!


MyR said...

I'm glad you're social too! Thanks for the fun! We ALL had a great time...EVEN CHRIS!!! :D

Kristin and Jay said...

I'm going to Utah this weekend too! Maybe if we see you Jay will show you some crack throught the window =) And I'm glad you had fun, I told you you wouldn't even notice our absence =)

Norris Fam said...

I'm afraid Ryan is right (and Dan for that matter) they wouldn't have any friends w/o their wives.

Next time call us a few weeks (or months, or years) in advance and we'll be there!!!

Rideout Family said...

Call us too. That looks like too much fun. I miss you guys.