Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BROTHERHOOD....and perspective

The last few weeks the last 4 years have been on my mind. Nothing specifically, just the fact that it has almost been FOUR years! That means Mallory & Dawson are just a couple weeks away from hitting 4 years old! Mallory...well, it's believable. Dawson....hmmm, perspective! He is amazing! We are so blessed to have had him for the last 4 years! His life has changed ours.....for Eternity!

There is a bond that exists between brothers. There is no shortage of bondage with these two! They love, LoVe, LOVE each other! It makes my heart happy!

Ok, Dawson is long/tall....Just had to put that out there! My word!

A little somethin Dawson shares with those of us he loves most! Nothing quite like his snuggles! The other day a lady in our stake held him for me for just a sec. She didn't know his "story", but his snuggles alone brought her to tears! Funny that a little boy without verbal communication skills, can communicate what he is feeling better than most! Jake feels it. He knows it. He LOVES it!

And because no one can seem to get enough of him, we all climbed into bed with him! Even Mal needed in on the lovin! For Jake....well, sharing rooms means this is a nightly occurance! Lucky Jake!
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Rideout Family said...

So sweet. I love that little man. He is long, that picture cracked me up.

Kristin and Jay said...

Why have I never noticed how long he is?!! Maybe its because he still looks so little when an adult is holding him, but when Jake is, he looks just as big as he is!! Cute brothers!

muggins mahooney said...

I love how Jake is rubbing D's little ear. I do the same thing to my kids to calm them down or to get them to go to sleep. So sweet.

Gear Gang said...

I want some of D's snuggies.

He has an absoulutly undeniable way of bringing you closer to Christ. Maybe its that peace and love he gives us everytime he snuggles close to us. I love that little guy so much.

I miss you guys so much.

Love the Pipe Cleaners, too! Love the model a million times more though.

Norris Fam said...

I can't believe those long SKINNY legs...and I can't even imagine the joy when the day comes when Dawson can tell Jake (and the rest of you) how much he loves you right back!!!