Friday, May 8, 2009

The Grand Ole Tour of DE LA CASA

Did I say Grand? I meant ENORMOUS! There are more pictures here than you can shake a stick at. I will keep the wording to a minimum. The details of each room (the reason for so many pictures) are so you can get the feeling of doing an actual tour, and because Carrie asked me to do it, and I obey Carrie, because I love her! :)

So, enjoy! Oh, and did you guys know that there is ALWAYS an open invitation for you to stay with us? Anytime! If you haven't been to Sun Valley...YOU MUST! So much fun, so much to do, all year round. Alright then, on to the tour......

You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger, if you want.
Kinda the front ish. LOVE the porches!

The back view. There is SO much to do here! Garden, hot tub, fireplace, trampoline, fun playground, pond. We are loving it!

This is the view we get coming down the street towards our house. This is so you can see how few houses there are here. We REALLY are loving that! It is a big change from our 5 different houses that could see in ours ANYTIME! This is Ryan's dream. He is like a kid in a candy store.

This is the view looking back down the road from our house. I can't wait until there are leaves on the trees, flowers in their beds & green green grass.

This is Rotarun. It is the ski hill, across the street, that we get to use for free during the winter. SO FUN! It looks pretty dinky, but our house is on a hilland that is where I took the picture from. It is not enormous, but there is a lift and it is pretty big. It will be TONS of fun! Time to strap my snowboard back on! I can't wait!

Ryan loves that the backyard is all mountain. I think he took this picture from the top corner of the property. Then he hiked up and over the hill. He found dirt bike & mountain bike courses and trails. He can't wait for Lacy to come up and bring the dirt bikes to ride with him.

Just inside the front door there is this little formal room, which I love. I have to say the chandelier threw me off at first. TOTALLY different from the rest of the house. However, it has completely grown on me! It is something that is strong enough to carry it's own personality and hold it's own in this house. I so love it! It is as crystally as they come. Not something I ever thought I would enjoy.

If you turn to the right you find a little hallway that leads to Ryan's office/study/guest room. There are french doors that lead out to the patio and a bathroom off the room on the otherside, see.....

Back to the entry. This is our living room, which I love! It is SO cozy! Here are a few different angles so you can get the full picture.....

You can kind of see the table back in that corner. That is one way to get to the kitchen.

Which just so happens to be one of my VERY favorite parts of the house!

This is straight across from the dining room table. Brian Opp, the owner of the house, is obsessive about wood, so his wife told me. This little area goes back at least two layers of logs just like this. The house is heated by wood fireplaces and geothermal heat. We are SET up for next Winter, that is for sure!

Turning around and looking out the windows over the table I spy a little something out the window. Can you see it? (You might have to click on it to see)

Our FAVORITE near nightly activity! We have sat in here during the rain and the cold. It is SO much fun! The kids absolutely love it and so does Kristin! :) Her, Ry & I sat in it for a couple hours the other night. It is so fun. Ry loves to turn off the jets and just listen to the night animals you can hear. It is kinda crazy. Me....well, I almost swear I can hear mountain lion paws running down the mountain to get me. :) I am trying to get over that one! :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! The temp in the hot tub was only 96. So we let Deeter in. I think he liked it A LOT! SO CUTE!

Let's head upstairs........

At the end of the hallway and to the left we find Mal in her VERY OWN room. I can't wait to really get this room all cuted up for her. She is loving it.

Her favorite part would be that "Barbie Diamond Castle Beautiful Light". Yep, pretty girlie! WE LOVE IT!

This is the Jake & Mal bathroom, at the very end of the hall, or some of it. Darn it all, if I had a wide angle this post would be SO much shorter! :)

Jake's only request was that he would get to have little D in his room. Dawson agrees.....THIS IS THE BEST! Look at that smile! What a cute little stink!

Jake loves his room. We spent an hour the first day just finding places on the map. Don't know that we ever found Fiji, which Jake was disappointed about. Check this thing out......

Jake also loves his Fan. How fun is that?!

This is the little bonus room off the middle of the hallway. It makes the whole upstairs feel VERY open. The kids LOVE it. So do I! I put my office here so that IF I had to work while they were at home they would be right there with me. So nice!

The kids toy corner (thanks for the idea of the baskets TANA. Mal TOTALLY can clean up all by herself, thanks to the pictures.)

My corner......
A shot of the whole room. This is largely for Jill. Jill is amazingly crafty and helping me with a few things for a couple of spots in the house. Like the big ole magnet board I am making to go over the kids art table, a board for Mally's room & an FHE board! I will take pics when we get them done!

This is my laundry room. LOVE the orange. Oh and the front load! AH THE FRONT LOAD! When we move, we keep them! WOO HOO!

Ok, kinda out of order, but oh well. This is the Master bath, off of our room. Again, wide angle lense woulda been nice.

And then to the "Closet". It is a room in and of itself, which I LOVE, because it became my craft room! Here is the sewing/crafting side.

And here is the scrapbooking side! Ry got a little creative to make my paper shelf work. Who knew vertical would work as good as hanging it horizontal?!

Here is a wider view of the whole thing.

This is our room looking from the Master bath. You just wait. Hopefully in the next couple of days there will be a post with pictures of the crazy extent I am willing to go to to get our big black armoire (the one from my living room in the old house) up into this room. MWAH HA HA!

Ry and I haven't had a TV in our room. However, it is the perfect spot for the armoire, and it is SO much more comfy to watch movies all cozied up in my bed.

There is even a fireplace in our room, just around the corner. Fun!

And then the deck off our room, which will play a large roll in the whole Armoire thing. LOVE the views.

This is the "Pond". We won't fill it until we get a pool fence around the outside. There is a bit of nasty rain water in it, which Ryan is pumping out right this minute. It is about 10' X 12' and is 5 ft. deep in the middle. The little top pond empties and makes a waterfall over the rocks into the pond. It is all chlorinated for swimming during the summer. That will be so fun!

Here are my garden boxes. There is also a spot for corn, squash, beans, etc down off the front of the yard. I am so excited about this! I am going to be a canning machine once again! I haven't done it since the twins were born. I am anxious to get back to it!

Ok, see that house CLEAR over there? That is our across the street neighboors. THE BARROWS! How lucky are we?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Barrows. Michelle is such a great friend to me. Matt is such a good guy and Ry really likes him. Hunter is Jakes friend & Tenny is Mallory's. We are going to be spoiled by this one!
Oh look, Jake & Mal are headed over to play right now. It is going to be a long walk. They are pretty much the closest neighbors. There is another house that is a little closer on the side of us, but they are only in town for 3 months during the year.

There they go.

This is going to take a while.

They decided to take the short cut through the field. Hunter met them on their journey. Can you find them? (Click on it)

Oh and see that little red building in our yard? That is the chicken coop. Last year Michelle & Dawn (the owner of our house) got chickens to share. They would take turns gathering eggs. It was a great project for the kiddo's. We are definately going to have to do the same. SO FUN!

So, that's it. We are just about as happy as ever. By far the best move we have ever made. We have moved A LOT. Over the last couple of years we have felt the "home" feeling about Hailey. It is HOME! We love it so much. However, where to live here? We were trying to decide if we wanted to move here or buy a house in town. We are SO glad we waited. Brian and Dawn are going to be in California for at least 2 years. So we are going to be here for a while. However, we are working to buy land out here. This is where we want to be forever, or until the Lord tells us otherwise. We are LOVING it! The hiking, privacy & adventure this place offers our little family is the best!

So thanks Brian & Dawn, for letting us take care of your place for you! WE LOVE IT HERE!


Gear Gang said...

How fun. I can't wait to visit. I want to go mtn. biking too!! don't leave without me!!!

MOM said...

Amy I loved this house when you took me through it and I love it even more now that it has your touch. I can't wait to come back up for a visit. It's so nice to see you and Ryan be able to live the life of your dreams.

I love you!

Norris Fam said...

It looks like pure HEAVEN to me! I'm so happy for you guys (sad for myself not to live right next to you) but happy for you :)

Can't wait to come visit....sometime.

You're the best Amy Lindstrom and thanks for taking so many pictures just for me :)

Kara said...

Wow that is an awesome house. Looks like you guys are loving it there=)

Rideout Family said...

I love it! I can't wait to see it someday in person. I will come and visit. I love it out there in Croy canyon. You are very lucky.

Lombardo Family said...

Wowzers!!! What an AMAZING house. Looks like our dream home too. So fun for you guys! Honestly, do we need to move to SunValley or what? It looks like sheer paradise.

Andy said...

Your house is beautiful! How fun!

Christensen family said...

What a dream home Amy! I love it! I hope those 2 years go by VERY slowly for you! Enjoy!

Hardy Party said...


WOW what a house. Amazing! We have to get up there to visit you guys. It looks so cool. The kids look so happy. I can't belive how much you have setup in such a short time. You are a PRO mover lady. The pictures are SO great. We are so jealous of that garden, and hot tub.

We love you all, give the kids a big hug from us.

Love Dad & Sondi

Ben and Kelli said...

It is beautiful!!! I'm so glad you are loving it!

Lindsey said...

Amy! This home is It is absolutely perfect! It is such a blessing to have such wonderful friends, isn't it? The picture of your darling family in the hot tub is priceless.

P.S. I still want that school desk. :)

Ryan said...

There was a desk like that at the Twin Falls D.I. a few days ago for like $10. I almost bought it because I remembered someobody had wanted one, LOL. Not sure where you live, but maybe it's still there...

jill said...

um, pretty sure you are living in my DREAM house right now amy. seriously. I love it! I can't wait to plaster your walls with vinyl!!

The Johnson Family said...

SO beautiful!! I am so happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing and I wish we could live right around the corner. That scenery is my DREAM! Good for you guys!

Lindsey said...

Ryan! Thanks, that's so awesome of you! I live in FL, therefore shipping might be a beast, but thank you anyway! I keep an eye out for them at our local Salv. Army. :)