Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So another thing that has been keeping the posts from coming your way would be a whole lot of this!
There is a lot to do to get this yard up and looking GREAT for the Spring. Spring comes slow around here! Our last freeze isn't until the middle of June, so we are just trying to get it all ready for us! The kids LOVE to help! Last Friday Ryan told Jake that he would need to weed the garden for one of his Saturday jobs.

Mal usually wakes us up, if we are not already up, by about 6:30 am. However, when 8 am rolled around and I was just waking up {HEAVENLY} it made me panic a little bit. I checked her room, GONE. Playroom, NOPE. Jake's room, he was gone too! So I looked out the window into the back yard. There was Jake, all dressed for the day sweatshirt on, shoveling away at the weeds. He had been out there for a while judging by the amount of work done.

Standing next to him was Mallory. Still in Jammies, but with shoes and jacket on! What a good brother! Jake had gotten her all toasty so she could help him in the yard. I woke Ryan and we both stood and watched them out the window for quite a while! A bit amazed, if I'm being honest, and completely proud!

Later, when all the work was done, Jake said, "Mom, I can't believe how much better it is to just get out there and get the work done, instead of just whining all day about it and not getting it done. Now I have the whole rest of the day to play!" HALLELUJAH! I could have sworn Ryan and I have said the exact same thing to him somewhere down the line, but alas, he must learn on his own. And he FINALLY HAS!
This Saturday he got all snazzied up in his polo shirt to do the work!

The ever fashionable Mallory greeted the labor with Sponge Bob & Sparkly flip flops!

This picture TOTALLY cracks me up! What in the world are they pondering?! Cause you know it's something! I mean look at those faces!

Ah! And the adventure for the day! Both kids COMPLETELY thrilled that Dad would actually let them ride in the back of the truck! Man we used to do this all the time! Those days are gone I am afraid, unless you are just driving to the end of the driveway, that is!

If you could see anything other than the top of their heads, you would see that Jake has his arm wrapped tightly around Mal and Mal is clinging to his leg. The motion makes her a little nervous, but not enough to pass up on the fun!

The fun of loading buckets from the bark mountain to fill in the flower beds!

And between the garden boxes. Look at those beauties! All ready for seeds! The work is done....for today at least! Planting begins this week!
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Gear Gang said...

Wow, Jake is getting so big and responsible- Does that mean Bridger will follow suit in a few years? I Hope so.

Rideout Family said...

Oh how I miss the wide open spaces. Love all the pictures. What a responsible big brother Jake is. I for sure need my girls to read all about this post.

Norris Fam said...

That's it, I'm moving in with you forever! The only catch is...every night I get to wear sponge bob and sparkly flip flops :)

Hardy Party said...

That is so cute... I can't believe they got up before you and went to the garden to pull weeds. Are these the stepford children? No, they are just our cute wonderful Jake and Mal. Give them a big hug for us...

Love Dad & Sondi