Friday, January 16, 2009


I spent a little bit of time searching through the gadgets. There are a lot of interesting things in there. Jokes of the Day. Art of the Day. Games Gallore. You Tube links. Almost anything you can think of.

This week I decided, just for fun, to try one of the games! So, if you scroll down to the bottom of my sidebar you will find this weeks Gadget.

Go into your "dashboard" select "Layouts" then "Get a Gadget". It will open up a huge list. Look in the different catergories. Is there anything there that helps you make your blog more personal? More fun? More informative?

The fun part about your blog is to make it reflect more of you. This is YOUR space. A place to say whatever or do whatever you want. How fun is that?!

This weeks challenge is to find a way to spice up your blog, just a bit, and HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Now go play a little Deal or No Deal on my sidebar! :)


Kristin and Jay said...

Woohoo! I won $162, when do I get the check in the mail, banker?=)

Courtney said...

UGH! What happened to my GET RID OF SOMETHING OFF YOUR BLOG challenge? Hmm?