Thursday, January 8, 2009

FHE....Sun Valley Style!

Every year the Sun Valley Village is littered with Ice Sculptures. Last year we went with the Norris' {WE MISS YOU} and had a BLAST! So this year we decided to venture out again. I say venture, because it was 14 degrees! Brrrr!
It seems that they continue to add more and more sculptures as the Winter goes on. Needless to say, we will be back!
It had been snowing earlier. Jake took it as his personal duty to wipe a few of them free of snow.

Mal loved the statues, but not as much as she loved being outside and running EVERYWHERE! Oh, and the Chocolate factory in the village was also a fave!

It is so pretty up here this time of year. I think Ryan was checking out the heated OUTDOOR swimming pool! I think they keep the water just above 100 degrees! How nice would that be?!

We have a bit of snow. However, it is melting, which is very weird! We don't have nearly as much as we did last year and it is uncharacteristically warm. Ok, by warm I mean 34 degrees, but we are used to 6 degrees or even -12 this time of year! We are feeling a little jipped with all the snow Utah is getting right now! BRING IT ON!! We want more!

My sweet Deiter LOVED being outside. He was bundled and nice and cozy! This is the life!

Sorry this is a little fuzzy. The kids love the sculptures that are big enough to climb on.

This is a personal fave! How fun is that?!
Right around the corner from here we watched the Swans and Ducks swimming in the pond just outside the Sun Valley Lodge. The kids loved that part! Note to time bring something to feed them!

After the sculptures we headed to Smokey Mountain for some pizza and pasta. YUM!! Then it was home to teach Jake the joys of Phase 10! He thought it was hilarious that he beat us so bad. It was a lot of fun!


Bonnie said...

Love the one of Jake and the Polar Bear...Sooo cute!

Bonnie said...

Love the one of Jake and the Polar Bear...Sooo cute!

Rideout Family said...

Fun! I can actually say that I do miss the snow. I don't miss being freezing cold but I miss the snow. I missed going to see the snow sculptures too. And I miss you.

christa said...

Glad to see you are home! And well. . .take care and try to stay somewhat warm!

Ronnie & KaLee said...

When we were there last March we saw all of them! In fact in June the giant train slide was still there! The pool is the BEST. You need to find a way to go. Especially in the winter time. Amazing!

Diane Jensen said...

AAAAH... That is so beautiful.. The one where they are walking away from you looks just like a postcard.

Brian and Kara said...

I miss the ice sculptures thanks for putting some pictures on here=)

Robyn said...

How dang fun! My kids wouls love that!

Lombardo Family said...

It seems like where you live is paradise! How fun!!! I love reading your blog even if you make me cry on a regular basis. Darn you! :o) We've never been to a Dave Ramsey show yet. I always have a nursing baby when he comes, so it hasn't worked out yet. We'll get there someday. LOL

Norris Fam said...

Oh how I wish we could have gone with you again...I'm feeling super Idaho homesick right now!

How was your "appointment". :)