Thursday, December 18, 2008


If you have to be cold, you may as well be burried in SNOW!

In the days leading up to the first snow, which was late by the way, there was a feeling of almost impending doom. Not doom. BLISS. It was an odd sort of feeling. Last year our sidewalk away from our porch was a tunnel through almost 6 feet of snow. It was over my head. I felt childlike. I LOVED IT!

That is what I love about living here. There is ENERGY in the air. Everywhere. Last night as I was coming home from Twin Falls, I was driving through Main Street in Hailey. The streets were full of people. Bundled. Happy. Did I mention it was 6 degrees. The Christmas lights and groups of people walking the street, just for fun, made me happy. Content. This is HOME!

The kids couldn't wait to get out and play in the first snow.

Jake showing LOVE to our team GO BRONCOS!

And apparently Hailey isn't the only place that froze over, if you know what I mean! SHE ACTUALLY STOOD STILL AND SMILED FOR A PICTURE! And honestly, could she get any cuter?! It is like Pink PUKED all over her!

So we will enjoy this snow as long as we can. This weekend promises 8 more inches. Soon enough it will be too deep to play in. And then we will enjoy it from the warmth of our home or the top of the sledding hill!
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MyR said...

I'm going to need to borrow a little bit of your optimism about all this FREEZING COLD and SNOW!!! I still have that Arizona girl rooted deep in me and I just cringe when I see the forecast.

Norris Fam said...

If anyone looks cute in pink's Malory! Sad thing is, I didn't keep any snow pants and now I'm wishing I had!

-Kels- said...

Mall is adorable! she looks like a smiling peptobismol bottle!

Yeah i dont know if can muster up enough courage to come see you before june now... there is TOO much snow toward you guys that i think i can handle

cancholas said...

mallory looks so cute! its fun to see little kids enjoy snow as much as they do.
also i dont know if you're able to see my blog. i set it to private.
pleas email me with your address
*malorie--elizabeths sister