Friday, December 12, 2008


Alright Alright I am listening!

My poor body! I have been going and going for a long time. With Dawson in the hospital it was little sleep and lots of emotional drainage. It was only right that when I showed up at home my body would finally put it's foot down! And that it did!

Last Friday was spent in a near death like state. I was pretty darn sick. I didn't even have the strength to fight it. However, on Saturday, there were things that needed to be unpacked, laundry to be done and cleaning, oh the cleaning. So I did it. I told my body one day was enough. It told me it wasn't, by leaving me feeling horrible on Sunday.

By Monday I was feeling that I had won. HOWEVA, there were other plans. Tuesday showed up with a horrible cold. Sneezing and dripping nose until I couldn't take it anymore. I took 1/2 of a dose of Benedryl. That put me out like a light! Always does. I spent most of the day Wednesday down too!

Yesterday, I was done. Had to be, there was too much going on. I loaded up on Diet Dr. Pepper, to counteract the still lingering effects of the Benedryl (I am telling you it kicks me HARD), then I set about cleaning this house, thoroughly. By last night the little cold had firmly settled itself in my chest. By the time I went to bed, I knew it couldn't be ignored.

I went to the doctor this morning. "How much sleep are you getting Amy?" "Uninterrupted?" I responded. (Dawson is fed all night long. He wakes up a time or two to be changed.) With Ryan out of town she was concerned.

"Pneumonia" she said. Rattling lungs and low oxygenation. GREAT! If a fever spikes it is to the hospital I go. "SLEEP" she said!

And so, I went to fill my prescription for my mega antibiotic. While at the store I also bought LOADS of processed, gosh I am not sure this makes me a good mom, food. Anything that can be nuked or toasted in less than 3 min and it made the cart! Red Box was happy to charge me $4.24 for the four movies sure to keep my little ones content! Then to home. PJ's were on, and I was going to follow Dr's orders. Ryan will be back from his meetings in Utah tomorrow, at which point I will surrender my duties as a mom and wife for a short time and SLEEP!


I'm listening!


Megan said...

Oh Amy! Please take it easy. Don't be afraid to call friends and ward members for help. People want to serve! Let them! I hope you're feeling better soon, but don't rush it!

Norris Fam said...

My poor, poor Amy :( Why do I not live closer to come sit by your bedside and nurse you back to health (or at least take your young 'uns for a few days). For the record, you did sound like death when I talked to you last week. Get feeling better ASAP!

Amy Lindstrom said...

AW Carrie! I do have to say that reading your comment made tears come to my eyes. It might be because I am SO tired, but I think it is because I miss you desperately. I KNOW you would come sit by my bedside, or haul all my kids away. That's what you do best. Oh how I wish I could relive all of your moments of kindness over the last few years! It would be spending another few years with you! You were ALWAYS doing something for me! I am happy you have Andrea now to repay you for me! :)

And THANKS Megan! I DO have the best of friends. They all come equipt with plenty of offers! Even my friend Shalece running into my house with a Diet Dr. Pepper in hand, hand over her mouth so as not to share the germs that would surely pass to her new baby, then running back out with a "is there anything I can do for you?" Oh I love her and her phone calls! There are MANY more. I am blessed!

Rideout Family said...

Amy, you poor thing. I am so sorry you are feeling so miserable. Since I am no longer near you I will say a little prayer for you. I also could sing you a lullaby to try and put you to sleep but I am afraid that it may just make you want to throw up. I'll stick with the prayer.
I love you and hope you get better real soon.

Hardy Party said...

Amy, we are getting worried about you. You must rest. I wish we were closer to come help out as well. Please take care of yourself. What if you ended up in the hospital? How is Dawson doing?

Love you,
Dad and Sondi