Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our HAPPY Boy!

Dawson is home and in GOOD shape! He is SO much fun right now! He is chunkin' up and we are loving it!

Where do we go from here? Well, there is a lot going on. He went from just seizure meds to that and about 7 more! UGH! The bedtime process is about 40 min. right now. We are hoping to get that to dwinde just a bit, but we won't complain.
Dawson has "short gut" issues. When he was about 4 weeks old he had a virus that went into his bowel and killed some of it. NEC or Necrotizing Entero Colitis for those of you that want to know. He had a Colostomy for about 6 weeks (little piece of intestine sticking out of his tummy so everything coming out of it "poop" could be caught in a bag that was attached to his side) which was THANKFULLY put back together.
The consequences...the bowel that they took was the part that absorbs the nutrients from the food and distibutes it. SO, although we were told that it would not effect him long does. SO, we are changing formula's, he is on a feeding 24-7 and with that, he seems to be doing quite well. If he and I could just kick this KILLER cold/flu we got slammed with.
The FUN part in all of this is that our boy is OVER THE TOP happy! He laughs almost constantly. Everything sets him off and we LOVE it!
Dawson can't get enough of all of the sounds around him. My sneezing, Dad's always too funny sounds, Mal fake sneezing, his own crying and even Jake choking on a popcorn kernal were nearly more than he can take. Ryan recorded some of it just for you.....

*Don't mind the duck and hide skills I possess in this little vid. You would do the same if you had been on your death bed for 2 days and not looking your best...or even close to it! Thanks Ry!


-Kels- said...

YAY, for Happy D!
I'm glad they have gotten things figured out. His giggle makes me smile!

<3 ya

Candise said...

So glad he is feeling better...I can't get the video to work. I'll try again later!

Kristin and Jay said...

Am I just retarded or something. The video won't work. It says " This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request." So either I am not your friend or I am retarded =). And don't tell me what the answer is....I don't want to know =). I will try again later. Have fun in Utah sickey!

Norris Fam said...

Wait...are you in Utah? I thought you were home safe and sound in Hailey Idaho. I don't talk to you for 3 days and I'm totally lost!

So my speakers don't work but I watched the video anyway. I couldn't hear his joy but believe me I could see it! When that little boy feels good you can sure tell!

Rideout Family said...

Amy, I love that little guy. I love to see him happy and I love to hear him laugh. Those cheeks! I want to bite them. I am so happy that he is doing better.

Gear Gang said...

I am so glad he is feeling better. I miss him so much and can't wait to see him and the rest of you on Christmas. I feel like it has been forever since I have seen Jake, Mally, and Ryan. It will be good to see you. Love you guys, Lisa

Hardy Party said...

Oh, this is so good. He looks so much better and seems much happier. We are so glad they figured it all out. We hope he continues to improve every day. We love you all very much...

Dad & Sondi