Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dawson came home from school the other day with his first CRAFT! He made me and Ryan a "Happy Halloween" card.

I LOVE that I can picture his sweet teachers/therapists helping him to do this as much as he can by himself.
I LOVE that there are smeared, blurry stamps all over the place because I know that he did it!
I LOVE the "I am so tired because I worked so hard at school" smile on his face!
I LOVE that he loves school and ALWAYS comes home happy!

I LOVE that his little fingerprints are all over the page. They are tiny and detailed. This picture doesn't show them so great, but you may be able to click on it to make it larger and see all the cuteness.

Have I told you how much I love this blurry little girl? Do you know why she is blurry?
Because she is ALWAYS on the move! I said smile so I can take a picture, and for the first time EVER she did. Then she was off again. My camera couldn't catch her quick enough!

Then she was off again....

I LOVE that she almost always has a smile on her face.
I LOVE that she is so animated.
I LOVE that she does impersonations of almost every character on Sponge Bob.
I LOVE that she loves to kiss and snuggle her baby.
I LOVE that she loves her mommy and tells me several time through the day!

For 4 1/2 years we all prayed for more kids to come into our home. It was rough and almost felt like we wouldn't ever have that happen.
NOW we can't imagine what it was like without them! I love how each child in your home adds a different dynamic that you just couldn't be without...like a puzzle! It's not finished until every piece is in place....we still have a few pieces missing, but for now the picture is more clear and beautiful and we couldn't be more blessed!
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Norris Fam said...

Maybe one day we'll both have all the missing pieces to our puzzles! Until then "come what may and love it"...name that conference talk :)

-Kels- said...

I LOVE how proud of dawson is of himself! He basically rocks my world!

I love your little family!

Man i need to make a trip up there to come see Jake, Mal and D.

... and you and Ryan!

Sooo when is the next weekend you guys are gunna be home???


Tana said...

I love that Mallory has no shirt on but has snow boots... classic

Kris and BJ said...

I am so glad to find you through the blogging world!! Email me your email so I can add you to our private blog. Kristalyn@myway.com

jill said...

That art work should probably just stay stuck on the fridge forever! What a handsom little man you have there...and that mal, she looks like a ball of fire!

[BrookeO] said...

uninvite you? AS IF!

Anonymous said...


You sentiments about your wonderful children are so touching. We love you all very very much and we are so glad everyone is doing well.

Love Dad & Sondi

Gear Gang said...

How adorable. Ican't wait to hug and kiss them next week.

love you,