Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Again, Home Again JIGGITY JIG

So, do you remember how Dawson wasn't doing so well with the whole weight and absorbing food/diarrhea thing? Well, we thought we had it, but suddenly his body wants nothing to do with absorbing nutrition. He had what I thought was the flu this last week. He probably did, and it probably didn't help. He gained 6 lbs when doing well and has since lost all but 1 pound of that. He is 3 and he weighs 20 lbs. DANG IT!

It is a HUGE mental burden/stress for me. I really have tried so many things, but he leaves me and Dr. Scott scratching our heads.

Today the decision was made to admit him to Primary Childrens Hospital. They are going to do a 3 day "bowel rest". That means all nutrition will be intravenous. They will put NOTHING through his tummy for 3 days. THEN he will be started back on his food and see what happens. Tests will be ran, etc. We HAVE to figure out why this keeps happening to him.

This means I am chucking our junk in the Excursion and our 10 day trip to Salt Lake is starting a day earlier. Couldn't be better timing really. We will be down there anyway. This IS our home away from home, it feels. You know I think that all together over the last 3 years we have spend at LEAST 16 months of it in that hospital! I am sure Dawson will be welcomed back by many a eyelash admiring nurse!

Please keep him and the Docs in your prayers. I am certain that the things that have happened to get us to this point are a direct response the the blessing he received the other night. He is now and always has been in the Lord's hands. Only HE knows how to get Dawson to where he needs to be when he needs it. We are grateful for that!

We will keep you all posted!


Rideout Family said...

Amy! I am sorry you have to go back there. I am sorry Dawson has to go back there. We will for sure keep him in our prayers. I will still see you when I am in Salt Lake right?

The Sharp Family said...

oh amy! I am so sorry to hear that you are headed back there. We will most definitely keep you in our prayers. we love you guys so much. I am constantly amazed at the strength, courage, and faith that you have! I love you so much! Give Dawson a big Kiss from us! What a special spirit he is.

Courtney said...

Dang it!!!! I thought you guys were on the tail end of that. You're for sure in our prayers :)

Megan said...

Little D will definitely be in my prayers!

Norris Fam said...

It makes me think of Mal in the back seat of your Excursion saying..."Oh D, waz da matta' D?" She was so sweet and genuinely concerned about him. We all are really...maybe they'll find the answer this time. I hope so for his sake and yours!

Devin & Shalise said...

That boy is a fighter!! In no time we will be adding this to the list of things he has overcome. He is such an amazing little boy, I love him so much, I will keep you in my prayers D!