Sunday, November 23, 2008

happy birthday {COURTNEY}

This is my BEST FRIEND, Courtney! I love her SO STINKING MUCH!
Courtney moved away from me (sniff, sniff) a few years ago. For whatever reason she thought Lynden, WA would be better than Jerome, ID....AS IF!
Courtney and I are a lot alike (unless you ask our husbands, who would say we are DEFINATELY not). We could laugh for HOURS about nothing! I love it!
I am counting down the days until March when I am going to Port Orchard (near Seattle) to stay for a super fun few days with my HONORARY HORCH FAMILY, which will include a trip to Portland, OR to see WICKED!
I love you the most Courtney!
Happy Birthday!
(Oh, and I TOTALLY ripped this picture off from you blog, sorry!)


Amber said...

Hey Amy.... did you know Wicked plays in Chicago too?!!! How about a trip up here? Oh, and Happy Birthday Courtney : )

Courtney said...

Whatever Amber! j/k... I don't even know you :)

Thanks for the b-day call this morning... Beyonce better watch out.

Newt year, I'll try to get more of a diffused-glow glamour shot going on for you. I'm only on the blog like once a year. And I'm winking to boot :)