Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A {Fancy SCMANCY} New Blog For You

My friend Carrie directed me to a FABULOUS blog. Now I am going to do the same for you! HERE it is! It is called Hairstyles for Girls. It is full of fun hairstyles for your younger girls. Her older daughters have long hair that looks pretty thick. However, I have tried some on Mally's not so long, thin, stick straight hair. They are SO cute!

This is one of my favorite. I have done it in a single bun, but today I thought I would try two. It turned out pretty cute!
(Front View)
I think it might be asking to much to have her actually LOOK at me for a picture!

CLOSE! What a cute little stinker! Smile and everything!

WHEW! That is some serious sharp sharpness! YIKES!
However, it shows the detail in the buns. You just make two ponytails and then twist little sections of the hair until it twists in on itself. I leave a bit of hair untwisted for the top fluff part of the bun. I put a bobby pin in her hair just above the pony tail and have the pins hold the hair for me while I finish the bun.
Then you just secure the whole bun by wrapping an elastic around the whole thing, until tight.
Slap a little bow in there and fluff the ends...VIOLA!

A not so sharp picture, without all the glare of my flash....

It is monumental that Mallory even held still for these pictures! :)

Check out the blog! You will like it! There are SO many fun ideas!
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Norris Fam said...

Did you see the post where the lady asked for you to send pictures of the hairstyles...you TOTALLY need to send her a copy of that picture. She would be so excited for you! Also I think it is good for people to see that these hairstyles can work even if you don't have really long hair. Tell her you found her blog from a friend of Jamey Jeppson. Nicely done you!

Mindy said...


I love the pictures--I love that you took one pony and turned it into two! I have so many other ideas on for my hair blog, I just can't keep up on it. I guess that's the way it goes with 5 kids!
In a few days when I post I am going to copy your pictures and post them--is that ok with you? I won't use full names or anything weird. I also might copy so of your very nice text. I'm blushing really! Thanks!!!

People ask me all the time about the thick versus thin hair thing....I really need to add a post about that. Two of my girls have thick, one has medium/thin, and one has short. My nieces always want my do's on their hair too and they have very thin hair so I know it will work on all types of hair. But thanks for reminding me to get that post up!