Friday, October 31, 2008

HaLLoWeeN 2oo8

The kids had so much fun with Halloween this year. The pumpkins, the dressing up, the trick or treating...all fun! Mal was really into it this year. A few days ago we showed her how it would work. She rang out doorbell and proudly asked, "PICKLE TREAT". Pickle Treat...Trick or Treat, whatever!
On Tuesday night we all carved our pumpkins. Dad helped cut and gut. I de-seeded. Jake designed and carved and Mal...well, Mal sat on this chair looking through all the Pumpkin Princess Possibilities, looking bigger than ever!

What did we come up with?
Well, can you tell which one is Ryan's? Ryan has been so busy at work he hasn't had time to check financials. Bob, one of the other owners called with some REALLY good news! Ryan is beyond his goal for the year and we still have a couple months to go. We are busier than ever and don't show any signs of slowing down. THAT is a blessing! That would also be the reason that Ryan felt that Harris Dudley (HD) deserved it's own pumpkin this year! :) The symbol above is part of our logo.
Jake on the other hand went with a traditional look...with a JAKE twist. He designed, gutted and carved all by himself! GOOD JOB BUD!

How fun is that?!
And what of Mal's pumpkin? CINDERELLA, blurry Cinderella! She LOVES this pumpkin. This morning she laid on the porch in front of them, talking to them, and then gave them a hearty goodbye, complete with a kiss, when the bus pulled up!
Jake got to dress up for school today! He wanted to be Indian Jones. I think we did a good job of it!

Complete with Facial Hair.
Jake had a fun day at school. Parade and all. At about 5pm we all headed out for one of my favorite Hailey Traditions. All the shops down Main Street close down for the night...well, to customers at least. It seems that the whole town comes out to walk the streets and gather plenty of candy from the shops. EVERYONE is dressed up and having a blast. There is live music playing from the center of town, and dinner to those that are in costume. I love it all!
This year we were behind and didn't get much of the bands. Mal was in her element, she loved it all. Jake had a blast of course, and a previously onry Dawson was enjoying every second of his costume and all the attention it gathered.
We missed some of the festivities because we had to hurry to the church at 6:30pm for TRUNK or TREAT with the 3 wards in the valley. It was crazy. So many people and so many fun costumes.
Then it was home, run to the neighbors party...which turned out to be quite a party...booze and all. So, within about 3 minutes we were back home. Mal was in the shower and then they were all off to bed. It was all SO much fun!
Look how cute they are! Doesn't Dawson look cozy and cute?!

Mal turned quite a few heads. She sat patiently, with promises of makeup and lip stick floating around in her head, while I curled every last bit of her hair and then sprayed it all black. She LOVED the new look.

Jake said that she looks really pretty like this and we should leave it black forever.

I think she liked all the blue eye shadow and blush. She even got a little mascara.

This girl is going to have a lot of fun with those lashes one day. They are SO dang long! I would say close to Dawson's length! Just look at those blue eyes! She is so darn cute!

My camera is having some serious issues lately! Howeva... just a shot of the back of her hair. Everyone kept asking if that was her real hair all night. If you have a little girl and don't own a 1/4" barrel curling iron and some spray gel, you are missing out! It takes no time and curls perfectly. I think in order to get the 1/4" you have to go to a beauty supply place, but it is well worth it!

Jake wanted to be in the pictures....Of course it would be torture to NOT be goofing off in them, so, well, this is what you get

And this! Gosh I love him! Goofy-ness and all!


MOM said...

I wish I could have been there to see the kids and give them treats. The story of Mallory and her pumpkin reminds me of Halloween about 25 or 26 years ago when it was just me, Clint, you and Lisa. After you kids finished carving your pumpkins you had bonded with them so much that you all begged to sleep with them. I couldn't see an eternal consequence to the request so I let you. I can see each of you all cuddled up with your jack-o-lantern in bed just like it was yesterday.

By the way, as a mom, I went to my 29th costume parade today. It all started 29 years ago when Clint did one in Mrs Leinweber's preschool. I haven't missed a year since and I still have 5 more costume parades to go. I would really like to know how many mom's have 34 years straight of costume parades for their own children. Maybe I can set a record!

Love you Amy! You sure are an awesome mom!!

Amy Lindstrom said...

Mom, that is so funny. I have to say that if my kids would have asked I would have gone on with something about it getting their beds all nasty and whatever. I need to learn from you! Eternal Consequences....I will have to try that one out with the next thing they ask for! :)

I also need to be better about making little things special to them like you did for us. I still feel the giddiness of Christmas because of how much fun you made it! Which usually included impatiently waiting behind a Star Wars or Sesame Street sheet, carefully pinned in the hallway so we couldn't see the LOOT! AND I will NEVER forget the little notes of encouragement we randomly got from you when we were involved in something that was important to us!

Thanks Mom!

Rideout Family said...

Pickle treat. That is the cutest. I think that is what you should say from now on.
The kids look adorable! We missed all of you guys this year.

The Sharp Family said...

I loved all your pictures!!! I have to say that I too love the pickle treat! Mal looked so cute with dark hair. So grown up in her costume. You guys are such a great family! We love you!

Courtney said...

Okay, Jake looks SO GROWN UP in that last one! I can't believe it.

I for one, love Indiana Jones :)

Kate said...

Mal looks so pretty. I love it. And good job on the facial hair for Jake. All the kids looked great!

Dirk and Dae said...

Holy Cow! You're really going to be in trouble when those cuties get to be teenagers! Jake's turning into a little lady killer. Mal is so beautiful. Maybe you better not let her dye her hair when she gets bigger...Ryan will have to fight 'em off with a stick! And Daws is just going to be his sweet, gorgeous self forever & ever!! Did you make those fun costumes? Wouldn't surprise me...

-Kels- said...

They are all adorable!!

Mally does look good with black hair but im pretty sure she could pull off any color between her eyes and her personality!

Brenda said...

The funniest thing... Morgan is standing here with me and could not figure out why Jake had facial hair, I said that it was part of his costume and it was make-up.....then she says,
"Why is a boy wearing make-up?".(with an even more puzzled look on her face) Kids....seriously, they make me laugh :)
They all look so dang cute in their costumes!

Jasmine said...

ahhhhhhhhhh......oh what a cute fam clan u have. she is so pretty...she is going to enjoy those lashes...lucky girl!!! go jake!!!! he looks great and dawson....always looking good. i miss ya, you wild u guys

Norris Fam said...

Lookin' good Lindstrom fam!

Mal- watch out for those roots they're a bugger! Good thing you have Shalece nearby :)