Friday, October 31, 2008


Remember how I told you I would post more from the kids birthday? Well, I will. There is a video that I really want to load on here, I just have to figure out how.
But for today, I thought I would post some of the pictures I took of them on their Birthday. I ran across them today and couldn't help but share!
What a cute girl! Does she know what a light she is in our family?

Mal is always stealing Jake's matchbox cars. So we got her some of her own. They came with pictures of Dora, Diego, Blue and the Backyardigans. PERFECT!

We tend to forget that Mal has a shunt until mornings like this. She wakes up with wild hair and that little bump in her part appears and reminds us to be grateful for miracles, for her health and for answered prayers! It is humbling that her life depends on that thing!

Mal was really quite amazed by these cars! She STILL loves them!

And I could watch her little hands play with them for hours!

We also got Mal her very own crayons and princess coloring book. She kept kissing the princesses! It was so funny!
She loved telling me who she was coloring next.
And of course we had to get Mariposa in the mix! She LOVES Mariposa!

This little guy is a SUPER STAR!

Here he is modeling his new pair of shoes! I can't believe how skinny his little legs were. He is doing SO much better now!
I can't imagine life without these two! OH the prayers that were said to get them here! 4 1/2 years we waited!

And now they both add so much to our home! We love them BOTH so much!
(Mal is tickling Daws. She loves to get him laughing. He loves to laugh for her!)

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-Kels- said...

They are amazing little peopl amy! Everytime i see a picture or see them in person i cant help but smile and want to give them a hug!

Yay for cute families!!!