Wednesday, September 24, 2008

playing *CaTcH uP*

I have fallen dreadfully behind on my birthday wishes! SAD! I have also fallen behind on calls. I am sorry to one and all! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope this little {LOVE} will make up for my short comings!
AUGUST 2 - HENRY! This is my brother Clint's youngest. What a cute little stink! I love this kid! How could you not! More boy than has ever existed in one body! EVER! Love you HEN!
AUGUST 3- Grandma Salisbury...nice picture huh?! Well, I am trying to prove a point to grandma! GRANDMA...with all the love I can muster I beg of you, PLEASE let us take just one blasted picture of you! PLEASE! :) I love my grandma dearly! She is a shining example to me and I hope she knows how much I adore her!

Has it already been a year?! This is my little sister Shalise and her hubby Devin! Happy Anniversary! I love you both SO MUCH! I can't wait to see you at Christmas! I know Iowa is a LONG way away, but you know, SUN VALLEY is always a nice place to visit! :)


I can't believe I didn't blog about this! Don't worry! I will make up for it! Stay tuned! My babies are now THREE I really can't believe it! We are really feeling like life is coming into a normal place. Different normal than we expected, but normal! Happy. Fun. Surgery-Free. NORMAL!

My dear sweet Kristin! I give you such a hard time ALL THE TIME, but I must take a minute to tell you that I wouldn't rather share the babies birthdays with anyone except you! :) I love you dearly! I hope you know that!


OK, this is the only picture I have of my super cute sis in law Serene! Happy Birthday Serene! Serene is one of the sweetest girls I know! She fits in the family SO perfectly! Love you Serene! (Oh and that is my super cute bro Kyle! He is a firefighter/EMT! We couldn't be prouder Kyle! LOVE YOU!)

AUGUST 16 You know what is weird? When this kid turns 9! That means all the other boys are soon to follow! We LOVE Tyler! It makes me so sad that we don't live closer to him. Jake LOVES Ty and they just get along perfectly! It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years! We love you buddy!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Kevin & Courtney! Courtney is one of those people that just don't come around all that often! We met about 6 years ago and very quickly became BF's. More than that even. I love her dearly and miss her terribly! I hate that I can't live close to her! Oh the fun we would have! However, as Kevin...I am sure regrettably...said, friends like us are going to be together forever! (Kevin, I totally know you saved my message and you listen to it, crying silent tears of grief over the heartache my absence in your daily life has created! It will be Ok! If Courtney and I are together forever...well, then so are you and I! There now...I know that brought a smile!)

SEPTEMBER 5-HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ERIC & DANI! We love you guys so much! I can't wait to see you guys again! Every time I have spent any time with you guys I just want more and more! Hey, you know, you could come visit anytime! OH, then we could actually work on getting a post on your blog! FUN! :)

SEPTEMBER 8- Clayton just turned 9! I can't believe it! I just had to use this picture! That is my brother Clint! Isn't he handsome?! :) Clay, I love you so much! You are such a handsome and good boy! I love that every time you see me you give me a big squeeze! I hope that never stops! I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving little man!


Well, here is another point that NEEDS to, BEGS to be made! Mom & Dad...I cannot, for the life of me, find one single picture of you two together! Go to Sears or something, for heck sakes! :) This is the ONLY picture I could find! You know what I DO love about it? Dad, the crinkles around your eyes mean that you are looking at my little girl with SO much love! I love it when you get that look! You get it around all of your kids and grandkids! You know, you are turning into quite a softy! :) I love how much you love my kids! Mom, you holding Mal and your hand holding hers makes me get a little teary! All 3 of my kids have struggled for life at first and all three of them held Grandma's hand for strength! I LOVE THAT! I love you both! Happy Anniversary!


This is my little bro PARKER...doing the robot, of course! :) I love you little man! I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU! Our family wasn't complete until you were born! You are such a fun boy, with a whole lot of spunk! You are such a good Uncle, all my kids love you like crazy!

SEPTEMBER 21-Then of course there is this little guy! Born just a few days ago! Little Noah, your mommy keeps torturing me! I LOVE all the pictures, but seriously, tell your mom to pack your bags and get on the road so you can see your Aunt Amy! There are kisses to be had and spoiling to be done! I can't wait to see you little man!


Happy Birthday Jana! Jana is my sister in law. She married Jared Lindstrom. Some of you know who he is. Jana is SUPER fun! I wish like crazy that I lived closer to her too! I can't get enough of Jana's "it's getting to late and I am starting to get goofy" laughs! I LOVE IT! Jana is also THE BEST at keeping in touch with everyone. I have a lot to learn from her! She is ALWAYS calling to check up on us and just say hi! I appreciate it SO much! Love you Jana!

So, that is everyone. There will be more to come. I will expound more upon life with Mal & D the 3 year olds, later. I just want to say to all of these people and all of you...

You all have contributed a great deal to the person I am! A lot of you had to put up with me in my younger years! YIKES! Seriously! But you stuck around and helped me figure it all out! :) I love you all and can't say enough about how much I appreciate you, so for once I will just shut up and hope you know how much I mean it when I say....



Courtney said...

Wow... I made the page! Kevin is VERY thankful for your warm wishes :)

Tell Jake that Syd e-mailed him :)

Kristin and Jay said...

Holy LOTS of birthdays! And you even included me. I must be something special!!!!! =) Especially since I even got the famous Birthday Song. That one must not be missed my friends! And don't worry, in the end, I always forgive you, bruised or not =). Love ya!!

Todd and Steph said...
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Todd and Steph said...

Okay, I am such a nerd. I totally blog stalk you from Kristin's blog (she's my sis). I'd love to meet you the next time we're over there, you are a crack up, and I love reading your blog. I am jealous though that you see my sis more than me :( She is pretty awesome, and Ashlynn is absolutely adorable. Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi' :)

Amy Lindstrom said...

Steph - You totally crack me up! :) Kristin told on your a while ago! I am glad you left a comment! :) THANKS!