Friday, September 12, 2008

jake's first [PACK MEETING]

Just going back to some pics I haven't posted. Jake is LOVING scouts! He is so motivated! He already has SO much of his Wolf done, and we haven't been in for longer than a month! Scouting is an AMAZING program! I love looking at the things that the boys are asked to do. I think it has definately brought great discussions to scripture time, new opportunities for Jake to learn and of course plenty of fun activities that we can do as a family to help Jake get it done! If he keeps going at the rate, I am thinking we will have an official WOLF cub scout in our house in the next month or so! GOOD JOB JAKE!
That's Jake over on the far right. Isn't he cute?! Oh how I love that boy! He is SO fun! Here he is getting a quick training on how the Flag Ceremony is going to go down.

And look! He even gets to carry the pack flag! He was pretty excited about that!

Posting the "Colors"!
We might need to work on that salute! :)

This night was called Hobo Stew night. Everyone brought a can of stew or soup or whatever out of thier pantry. I have been told that it would be great, even the best stew ever! THANKS SO MUCH TO GARY BECK & JENN MERRICK for bringing the Clam Chowder and Artichoke Hearts (can you guess who didn't stick around to eat any....dorks!) Seriously, other than fishing around the artichokes it WAS pretty good! Jake ate 2 "cans" of it! (We had to eat it out of the empty cans.)
Dawson, I am sure, was wishing we could blend that up and put it through his stomach tube! Pshshsh, YEAH RIGHT, huh bubba! Sorry! I know...not funny! GEEZ!
And this little Juvenile Delinquent couldn't keep her little grubbies off the corn bread muffins! You would think we don't feed the kid! Oh, maybe she thought they were cupcakes! HA! Can you imagine that disappointment?! Expecting a cupcake and getting a gritty dry CORN muffin?! HA! Serves her right, the little thief! :)


jill said...

With my dad being the scout master in our ward, I came to really appreciate the scouting program and what it can do for young boys. Looks like jake will have his eagle before he's twelve!

oh, a note on the laundry...I probably don'th ave nearly as much as you do but that is a really good strategy (especially the bedding, I usually forget to wash it regularly). I hate folding laundry so I turn on an episode of friends or seinfeld to help pass the time!

Kristin and Jay said...

K that sounds disgusting! But I am with Mallory....corn bread is yummy!!

Kristin and Jay said...

K i just read your comment and you are getting a wheel chair van? When did that happen? I thought you were going to convert the Expedition to be wheel chair accessible? You are officially going to be a minivan mom!!! So cute! =)

Courtney said...

I adore artichoke hearts... scouts however...


Your friends on here who don't know me probably think I'm such a &!*$&


Norris Fam said...

I think whoever brings the clam chowder and artichoke hearts gets to HOST scouts for the next month...after that they might send a nice can of corn or green beans. Just a thought!

jessica rabbit said...

Hi Amy! I wasn't sure where else to leave this comment. I figured this was as good a place as anyway. Remember me, Jessica Flegal??? From High School? Get a hold of me, if you do! love jess