Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what better way to celebrate than the ZOO

After getting a clean bill of health from Dr. Walker, and experiencing the quickest visit we have ever had, we just HAD to take the kids to the Zoo to celebrate! Jake was having the time of his life sleeping over at Mason's (his cousin) with Tyler (his other cousin) and with a plan to visit Boondocks in just a few days, we thought we would take the kids for their own little adventure!

Let me just say that 3 years old is the BEST age for the zoo! Mal has seen these animals in books & can imitate any of their sounds...but to see them in person?! She couldn't get enough of the monkey's!

The Elephant is one of Mal's favorite animals, however seeing the actual size of them kind of stunned her into silence....

If you haven't ever been to Hogle Zoo to experience the smells in the reptile building...you should! They have got to find a way to bottle that smell! PEE-YEW!! Mallory loved it though. She didn't seem to mind the smell at all. She REALLY loved the turtle that kept trying to snap at her everytime she put her finger up to the glass. She would laugh and that made Dawson laugh.

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