Friday, July 11, 2008


There is not a single person I have met that has had so much faith in the face of trial. His short 3 years have been filled with more than what 10 people would be able to endure. Each day brings more working, stretching and massaging tight muscles. Somedays are easier than others. Today...not so easy.

Our sweet little man is such a blessing to our family. We all hope to be as much a blessing to his life as he is to ours!

The moments he lives for is when all the working, stretching and massaging is done...there are cuddles and loves! Lots of them! I love how you can FEEL his contentment when you hold him close!

We have known since he was born that he has a special purpose here. Today, while I was working with him, I couldn't help but think about everyone that knows and loves this little boy, and little...sometimes big changes that have taken place in our lives because of the miracles that have happened in his. If you know Dawson, you also know that miracles happen and that prayers are not only heard, but answered by a very loving Father in Heaven, who knows us all so personally and loves us perfectly!

We love you Little D!

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Kristin and Jay said...

K that is the saddest picture. It made me want to cry with his little tear coming out of his eye. What a tough little man! We love you too D-Dawg!

MOM said...


Gear Gang said...

My arms are aching to hold the little man.

Please give him a giant hug from his aunt Lisa.

[BrookeO] said...

i love it when you tell [us] about little D-man.
Truly precious.

atki family said...

Amy, I love to see the little D-man
He has a very special spirit and He was sent to a very special family. I cried the whole time reading the blog. Ever since Jordan left. I find myself alot more teary eyed. We are looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th.

Rand Family said...

That picture totally makes me want to cry!!
So are you posting for the tag or what??

Brenda said...

I agree with the others, this totally brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet and strong little man you guys have!!