Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a day like [YESTERDAY]

Yesterday was a bit crazy, fun, exciting and overwhelming, all rolled into one!

Jake's friend Hunter invited him to go with his family (for his birthday) to Roaring Springs, a big water park in Boise. He was SO excited to go and had a BLAST! He was gone at 8am and we saw his little rosy cheekers again at 8pm! What a fun day!

Meanwhile, I had planned a meeting at my house with Dawson's Occupational therapist (on the left) that will be working with him in school this year, his physical therapist, our health coordinator, the medical supply representative (on the right) and his regional rep. CRAZY!

With Daws and Mal starting Developmental Preschool this September it is time to get D fitted for a wheelchair. There are SO many to choose from and he needs a LOT of support, so it took quite a bit of time. We also looked into air beds. I don't know if you have ever experienced one of those, but being in labor for a week afforded me the opportunity and OH BABY! They change your position for you! They are very comfy! Dawson is starting to get pressure sores (bed sores) on his bum because he can't change positions, so this should really make him feel better!

He wasn't too fond of this wheelchair...or was it that mom had held and played with him all morning and this was the first time I set him down?!

Wheelchairs are a bit overwhelming. It means there will have to be a lot of changes. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I will have to become a mini-van mom, but it will be good for D, and it will probably make us a little more mobile so we can get out more! YAY! That is not to mention us having to move in the next year or two to accommodate a chair. Ramps, wider hallways and all!

Mal graciously welcomed everyone into our home. Running to the door to welcome them, saying things like, "Oh, Come in. How are you? Come on in (enter name here)." Everyone LOVED her energy and enthusiasm about all of this!

One of the things they brought to us is this stander. Dawson had one for a long time, but it belonged to his old Physical Therapist and was on loan until we could get him his own. Well, today is the day! This is D's very own stander! Mal loves it!

When everyone left (including the carpet cleaners...oh yeah, that needed to happen! I LOVE having my carpets cleaned) D got to try out his new iPod. At my birthday party we talked about how this might be a good thing for him. I am thankful for the tip! We loaded it with classical music, a few church songs including MoTab (Tabernacle Choir) and loads of primary songs, sung by the kids. Those ones get the most excitement out of him. He runs his little legs, flips his arms around and makes noises with them.

As you can see, he really likes it! Thanks for the tip girls!
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jill said...

I have to say amy, you are one remarkable woman. I can see why you were blessed with such a sweet little guy like dawson...he is lucky to have a mommy like you!

Courtney said...

Daws is so cute with that music! What a great idea!

atki family said...

Amy, Dawson is growing up Awesome Boy. I love your blog. I finally got one for our family. take a look. See you guys on the 25th
Love Julie

Kate said...

That is so cute! I love having time to look at blogs now! And do some blogging of my own. It is amazing how much you can get done while you are out of a job. I'm so glad it happened in the summer! WooHoo!