Monday, July 7, 2008

{4th of JULY}

What a fun weekend! In fact, so much fun that I forgot my camera everywhere we went and had to rip these pictures off from Carrie! :) Thanks Carrie! I guess it was alright considering we were together almost the whole day!

Jared & Jana and their kids and Logan & Jasmine (Ryan's brothers) came on Wednesday night and stayed all weekend. Jeff and Lynne (Ryan's parents) even made the drive up for the BBQ & Fireworks! We SO love having people come to stay with us! It is fun to stay up all night laughing & playing games and show them around this beautiful little Valley!

So, the events of our FULL Independence Day started here at the Hailey City Parade.

Little town parades are always funny! (Especially with 2 year olds.) My friend Michelle refers to them as the parade you can't stand to miss, but wish you had never gone to! :) There were moments, but mostly it was because of "sweet" little Mallory! My she is becoming quite a handful!

Later in the evening we had a BBQ. A few of our friends, their visitors, our family & Bob Dudley's Family (Ryan's business partner), enjoyed a HUGE spread of delicious food....including these little beauties that Carrie brought.

We had SO much fun playing "Wack-O Ball" & kick ball! (Wack-O Ball is basically baseball with a raquet & tennis balls and you can throw the ball at people to get them out! Woo Hoo) Can I just say, thank goodness for a nice cool day! It couldn't have been more enjoyable!

Then to top it all off we piled on top of a hill at the high school with all of the same people, including Shalece's Family & Jeni's Family! These seriously are the BEST fireworks in Idaho! They are quite impressive when you are sitting right under them. Logan wanted to "feel" them. I think they delivered! They were hitting so hard car alarms were going off! I LOVED IT! So did Dawson! He kept smiling so big! He loved the bright flashes of light and all of the noise! What a fun day!

As soon as I find that dag-blasted camera of mine, I will post Monday's Menu....stay tuned!
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Kristin and Jay said...

K so no offense to the Hailey fireworks, but if you think they are the BEST in Idaho you seriously need to go to the Idaho Falls Fireworks. They advertise as the best Fireworks show west of the Mississippi and I am NOT kidding they are amazing. They are also choreographed to music which makes it SOOOO much better. I actually wanted to record their music and bring it with me to the Hailey one. I'm not doggin on the Hailey ones, but they don't even compare!!!!! But yes they are good for such a little town =)

Robyn said...

L:ooks likeyou had a super 4th! And I never got to say Happy Birthday old lady! love your new template!