Monday, June 16, 2008

fun with [GEO TRAX]

Grandpa & Grandma Salisbury gave Jake his first part of this train when he was about 3. Over the years he has slowly added to it. He has LOVED this toy! It is so fun. It is even fun for adults! :) The other day Jake thought it would be fun to set it up in his room so he could show Mallory. She has never seen it. SHE LOVED IT!

Just up from a nap and getting her first looks at this!

Look how cute they are! I love that Jake will sit and play with her like this! They are such good buddies! Oh and the other night at about midnight I hear a door open and little footstep running down the hall way. When I peaked into Jake's dark room, he was sound asleep in bed and Mal was squatted down playing trains! I guess she was dreaming about it and had to get up and play! Silly stinker!
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Brian and Kara said...

We have that same train and brady loves it:)

Jared and Keri said...

Hey Amy! I saw your comment on my blog and thought I would write back. We miss your parent's ward too. Sometimes I see your mom at the library and get to say Hi. How is Idaho? My brother lived in Sun Valley for about a year and we got to visit him and it was sooooo pretty there. I saw that your sister was getting married! That's crazy. I remember being in their ward when she was in Young Women's. Time flies! Your family is so cute. It's great to keep in touch through these blogs. Talk to you soon! Keri Haynie

Diane Jensen said...

We are a TOTAL Geo Trax family. Same thing with us... Spencer was like 3 when we got our first set and now we have so many that they have to go in the garage. It will be a toy our grandkids play with even.