Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Desperate [REALLY DESPERATE] For A Park Day

I know I am a little behind, but I just had to get these on. The weekend before last warmed all the way up to 50 degrees. Ty & Suzi were staying with us and we got a little over zealous! Ryan packed a picnic and we headed to Ketchum to eat lunch at a table close to the river. When we got there.....well, the tables were still buried! Apparently one day above freezing isn't all it takes to melt this junk!
We quickly headed back to Hailey so the kids could get a chance to play at the park. For some reason we thought the snow would be gone from there...NOPE! We didn't care, we played anyway, along with about 30 other people. I guess we weren't the only ones in need of a day out. And 50 degrees well that is darn near summer!

Mal HATES the swings, or anything that moves for that matter! She is kind of a chicken. We will have to work on that!

Nice Suze!

Jake's face makes me laugh!

I knew I married a monkey!
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Wes&Saun said...

You do make a great monkey Ryan. Nice job. Wow, you still have tons of snow. I'm ready for summer. Drove by your dads shop today in PG.

Wes&Saun said...
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Kristin and Jay said...

Jakes face is HILARIOUS!!! I can't figure out if he's in pain, or if he just spotted a big fat booger=)

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh you poor things! You really should come to WA more often!