Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Unexpected Visit!

Yesterday I got a call from Janet Prescott, one of my friends from Jerome. She was by the Snow Bunny and headed our way!
It was really good to see her and her cuties! I was suprised to see the newest addition, Alexis Mercedes Prescott! How exciting! I could have held her all day! I am getting more and more baby hungry every day! Her big sisters name is Lizette and her brother's name is Porter. Janet and I were reminising of her trying for a baby for a long time. She was afraid she would never get any kids then all of the sudden, after years of trying.....well, you can see that they are all pretty close in age! Congrats Prescotts!
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Jelina said...

Baby Hungry? Just remember there will be two new babies in the next few months that you can spend all the time you want with. :) Well, I guess I should only speak for myself...but I'm sure Amanda wouldn't mind, either. J/K.


That will be enough to push me right over the edge! It is near torture just to see Ashlyn each week! Maybe I will steal her! That would be a good way to scare Kristin! Ah, sweet revenge!

Did I just freak you out Kristin?

Anonymous said...

O my heck... funny how we were just talkin about them the other day... I really need to get up there to see you.. : D


Kristin and Jay said...

hey, how did you know I would be reading this comment? K I would literally pass out and someone would need to take me to the hospital if you tried to steal her! Now THAT IS my worst nightmare!!! But my comment is wow your house is clean! Lets just say if someone came for an unexpected visit, my house would not look that spotless =)!!