Sunday, February 3, 2008

I have been tagged!


What is his name- Ryan Glen Lindstrom
How long have you been together- Married 10 yrs & 17 fabulous days!
How long did you date- 6 days before we we were engaged. Our engagement was 2.5 months. (Yep, that's right! He is a catch ladies! I HAD to snatch him up quickly!)
How old is he- 34 (Yikes!)
Who eats more- Depends on what it is! :)
Who said "I Love You" first- He did, but after we had already decided to get married. My response....."Well, you better, you want to marry me!"....and I love you, too...of course!
Who's taller- He is by 6 inches
Who can sing better- Um, well, I think he sings amazingly and I could listen to him all day! He is much better at reading music than I am! I am better at singing womanly and he is better at singing manly. How is that?!
Who is smarter- Ryan, I am convinced he is a genius....well, and he married me..that has to count for something! :)
Who does the laundry- I do, unless I don't, than he does.
Who pays the bills- He does.
Who sleeps on the right side- Well, this is a funny question! It depends on how you are looking at it.
Who mows the lawn- Some guy we don't know. Sweet huh?!
Who cooks dinner- Me, unless I don't than he does. I can cook, he is an unreal baker! No one can bake like Ryan!
Who is more stubborn- Ummm....I am going to plead the 5th!
Who kissed who first- He kissed me first, but I wasn't getting out of the truck until he did.
Who asked who out first- I did.
Who proposed- Hmm...I would have to say that unless you count him saying, "So uh, what are you doing for the rest of your life? Wanna hang out?", walking out of Wendy's, as a proposal, I AM STILL WAITING FOR ONE!
Who has more friends-Me, this may come as a shock to most, but I am a very social person!
Who is more sensitive- Me
Who has more siblings- Me. I have 4 brothers, 4 sisters & 3 step sisters! He has 5 brothers and a sister.
Who wears the pants- Ryan's response...."uh, we both do. It would be scary if we didn't have any pants on."

You are all tagged now....every last one of you! If you don't have a blog, call me, I can hook you up!


Courtney said...

That made me smile :) I miss you guys! I could have anwered all those for you 2, but it was funny to realize that I know all that!

I love "I can only Imagine"... such a good song! One of very few non-Mormon songs that can choke me up. Man, make a mix of this song and "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel" and I'd be bawling! :)


Consider it done! I love to make you bawl! :)