Monday, January 7, 2008

The Kids room, or a room for all of us, if Logan and Jasmine are in town.

The kids favorite feature is the loft that PaPa built. This actually used to be all the boys room. When I married Ryan, he shared this room with Logan, Eric, Jared & his 2 iguana's (which were given to someone else before we were married-phew!). I promise that that room looked nothing like this one! I don't think I had ever seen the floor! Those were some messy boys! :)
A few years ago, when Logan, Eric and Kevin were sharing the room they decided to hang their beds from the ceiling. The loft used to have chains hanging it from the ceiling. YIKES! Jeff (Ryan's Dad) made all the headboards, isn't it nice?!

This is the hallway when you come down the stairs. That contraption is a sweet excercise machine of Lynne's.

A view into the bathroom.
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