Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun with Mallory

Mal is totally into coloring right now. It is quite cute. She will walk around with a pen and a paper and say "Pretty coloring". She also, after temptation she just couldn't resist any longer, ate a huge piece of her red crayon. Without paper it just looked too good! She is pretty head strong. When I tried to get her to spit it out, she wouldn't. She wanted to let me know that she could handle it. She continued to chew and swallow it with a very disgusted look on her face.

I was trying out Blue tooth the other day, to see if it would help me balance work & juggling kids a little better. I was talking on the phone to Ryan and changing Mallory's diaper. She kept giving me this weird look, trying to figure out who I was talking to. She would look back and forth between me and my ear.
I called my friend Carrie on it and she figured it out. She stood right next to me cheek saying "Hello, Hi, Hello Hello" over and over. Carrie couldn't hear me at all over her. It was so funny! So we thought we would let her try it out herself. Ryan put it on her and I called her from my home phone. There is video of it on the videos link. She is a little goof!

Today was a big day for me. Mal sat so still and let me curl her hair and paint her toe & finger nails. Then she ran around in this cute little dress Jeff and Lynne gave her for Christmas. It was such a girlie day! So fun! She is such a cutie!
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