Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This year we had all the Lindstrom's up for the weekend! We all had a lot of fun! It was such a nice, relaxing weekend! We missed Clint & JoJo, Lacy and Kevin, wish you two could have come! We appreciate you all coming up so much! You are welcome anytime!
Alright, around the table starting with Jeff (his back is to us), Jeff is Ry's dad, then Lynne, his mom. Then Jared and Jana, Logan and Jasmine, Olivia (Jared and Jana's), Aunt Leslie, Dani and Eric, Ryan, Me (not pictured, someone had to take the pictures that annoy everyone while they are trying to eat!) and Floyd. Floyd is one of Ryan's employees. The best one actually! We don't know what we would do without him!

Jake and Tyler were at the "kid table" which they preferred! They sat at the counter and ate as fast as possible so they could get some Guitar Hero in while all the adults were busy!

This is some of the spread! This picture doesn't come close to telling you how amazing dinner was! It was all so yummy! It is always interesting to have people come from out of town. We have to make almost everything in one house with one oven! It was a lot of fun though, and I am SOOO excited that Lynne taught me how to make her rolls! They are the best!
We had such a fun time swimming, playing games, going to a movie and the girls even got out on Friday and hit some of the shops in Hailey and Sun Valley, and of course a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! YUMMY!!
Ryan, Logan and Jaz even got to go Snow boarding on Saturday! We haven't had a lot of snow yet, but they have been making it like crazy at the Sun Valley ski resort. They had enough to open one run. That was enough! They had a lot of fun! Ryan got to try out his new board, which he was excited about! We have only gone once since we got married and that was 9 years ago! I was a little worried about the old man! :) Jasmine said that he was really good and she couldn't believe it had been that long! We are both excited to go a lot this year! Our friends have a lift right next to their house, so I am sure we will hit that as much as possible and then with Jake wanting to learn, I am sure we will be in Sun Valley a lot too! YAY!!
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Courtney said...

FLoyD! Oh boy, I miss him calling me all the time... oh wait, that was Ryan not me. But it felt like it was me!